The Energy Institute presents the Energy and Environment Seminar Series

Czero CEO Guy Babbitt hosts a seminar.

This Spring 2017, the Energy Institute is hosting the Energy and Environment Seminar Series at the Powerhouse Campus. In each seminar, a graduate student presents cutting-edge research supported by the Energy Institute.

Seminars serve as opportunities for students, researchers, and a broader community to further explore the newest clean energy research at Colorado State University. The wide range of topics discussed include environmental responses to climate change, natural gas emissions, and more.

A Clean Energy Community

Seminars serve as a chance to empower the community with the knowledge to form new perspectives on a wide range of sustainable technologies.

Graduate students give an in-depth look into the motivation , results, and implications of their research. Then, the audience is invited to participate in a discussion facilitated by the researcher.

This dialogue builds interest in the researcher’s area of focus, and promotes a greater awareness in the Fort Collins community. The audience can explore familiar topics, ideas they are learning about for the first time.

Seminar attendees in discussion.

Inviting Graduate Students to Grow

Seminars provide a supportive, professional environment for graduate students to develop their professional skills.

Presenters are challenged to relay the basics of technical research to a general audience. After they show their research, they facilitate discussion that informs their audience and builds interest in the greater clean energy conversation.

Students will practice communication and public speaking skills, and have the opportunity to network and form professional connections. The Energy Institute’s interdisciplinary collaborations invites researchers from a myriad of academic focuses to learn about graduate research.

Digging into the Research

Each project represents a significant area of research where the Energy Institute is pursuing groundbreaking strides toward sustainable, reliable technology for clean energy.

The Spring Energy and Environment Seminar Series kicked off with a guest lecture from Bryan Willson, executive director of the Energy Institute. Willson’s research focused on methane leak research in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Willson highlighted the capability of natural gas to be a vital source of sustainable energy, as well as the potential for negative environmental impacts.

In February, graduate students Bryan Hacklemore and Troy Nygren delivered presentations that revolved around the reduction of emissions. Hacklemore’s research delved into the use of acid baths on oxidation catalysts to reduce carbon emissions. Nygren’s presentation focused on membranes that might reduce the size of natural gas compression engines.

Join the Clean Energy Conversation

The Energy and Environment Seminar Series continues into early-May. In addition to our graduate presentations, you’re invited to a special seminar on May 4. The Associate Director of the Energy Institute will illustrate the Energy Institute’s vision for the future and how others can participate in that vision.

Join us from 1–2 p.m. in the Powerhouse Campus, room 104, at 430 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

See the Energy and Environment Seminar Series information on our website. If you are interested in presenting a seminar during the fall semester, contact Professor Shantanu Jathar at

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