4 Practices for Securing Your Cloud Service

As enterprises are moving their data and critical business applications on the cloud, IT management faces a higher need for cloud service security. Balancing the productivity gains of the cloud against threats of security and compliance is quite a challenge for many executives today.

To maintain your customer’s trust and the competitiveness of your enterprise, It is vital to prevent data theft and leaks. A single data breach can cost millions of dollars for your business. To help prevent your business from losing customers’ trust and money, we have compiled a list of practices to ensure your cloud security:

1. Encryption Is Essential

You may ensure encryption by signing up for cloud services to a provider who also provides field-level encryption of your data. Some cloud services also offer role-based access control (RBAC) for customers to specify the sensitive data they may want to encrypt, including their social security and credit card numbers. Usage of a cloud service that encrypts the data will save you from the threat of data breaches and the high cost of maintaining a cybersecurity department.

2. Carefully Read the User Agreement

You can always add clauses that ensure you are notified by email or text when the service provider changes their privacy policy. Hiring legal assistance or cloud security services while signing up for a service agreement can save you from the high cost of data leaks in the future and potential lawsuits.

3. Use an Effective Anti-Malware Program

4. Sign Up for Cloud Security Services




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