7 Reasons Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life

Going for a walk outside is the best and low effort way to spend a productive day. The benefits of taking long walks are far and wide. A simple saunter can work wonders on your emotional wellbeing, physical health as well as mental health.

If you’re someone who do not have a lot of free time, it is necessary for you to try to fit in a short walk whenever you get a time. For example, you can go out for a walk in your lunch break. According to some studies, it is proven that going for a walk right after you eat is best way to stay fit.

There are some people in the world who prefer walking in silence as it can inspire creative thinking and allows for time to let thoughts. There are several benefits of getting into the habit, which you still hadn’t thought of. Some of the most significant benefits of taking long walks are as follows:

Reduces Stress

It can be a challenge to keep stress at a minimum, especially when tensions are running tall. In today’s modern living, people are obsessed with the mental overload. But one of the major problem is that we don’t know how to reduce it. According to a research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, mental energy can be restored when being exposed to restorative environments such as beach, lake, or forest.

Makes You Happier

Sunlight is one of the biggest benefit to spend time outdoors. While spending the time beneath the sun, it not only gives you a tan but more than what you are looking for, which is happiness. Sunlight also helps to higher our levels of Vitamin D, which is a vital nutrient for the human body. According to some studies, Vitamin D deficiencies can contribute to depressive symptoms as it causes dips in your mood. Hence, you are undoubtedly boosting your mood and your health by getting more of the sun’s rays. A study in Environmental Science and Technology also revealed a link between bad moods and decreased anxiety. Along with this, another study reported that taking a walk outdoors should be prescribed by doctors as a supplement to existing treatments for depressive disorders.

Lowers the Risk of Depression

Many benefits of exercise can be gained by getting your legs moving. One of the most significant benefit in today’s stressful life is staving off depression. The University of Toronto’s review of 25 studies shows that exercise not only helps people to fight depression, but can also aid in preventing depression. There is no doubt that exercise is a substitute for medication, but going for a long walk can really help.

Keeps a Healthy Heart

If you are wishing to ward off heart disease, exercise or just long walks is the most crucial part to keep your heart healthy. Walking does not require much effort as you just have to keep your body moving. At least 30 minutes of walking for five days a week can assuredly make a difference.

Enhances Brain Functioning

Studies show a direct link between improved brain function and regular walking regimens. If you’re facing trouble concentrating on work or finding it difficult to study for a big exam, you might consider taking 15 to 20 minutes of your day to go for a stroll.

Helps with Digestion

Going for a nice walk after having a large meal can definitely help in proper digestion of food. This also helps in managing the blood sugar levels of the body. The peristalsis are stimulated by any kind of exercise, by which the food is transferred through the digestive tract. Food can be digested simply and quickly just by going for a long walk.

Strengthen Bones

Most of the people think that walking would add uninvited wear and tear to your bones as you age. On the contrary it’s actually rather the opposite. Walking improves bone density and introduces your bones to impact over time. According to an American study it is revealed that people who exercise on a regular basis are more likely to have a higher bone density and less likely to experience fractures.

There are so many benefits of taking long walks that most of the world is still unaware of. To live a healthy life, just start walking from today.



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