8 Basics Any Good Garage Should Have

8 Basics Any Good Garage Should Have

If you’re thinking of setting up a professional car garage or just want a mini mechanical set up in your own home then you’ll need certain items and tools to help you do your work. We’ve put together a list of essentials that you’ll find helpful to have handy, whether you’re a bit of a novice or a seasoned car expert. Check them out below!

1. Car Oil

If you want your garage to be a well-oiled machine (sorry!) then you’ll be best off keeping a well-stocked supply of good quality oil from Crown Oil Ltd, so that you can replace dirty old oil in no time! Just make sure you also have plenty of old tarpaulins to lay under the cars before emptying them to avoid spills and stains on the floor!

2. Organisers

You’ll no doubt have a million tiny bolts, screws and other little bits of parts on hand for your repairs, so having your garage organiser trays and shelves will make your life a whole lot easier when looking for the right bits and bobs. Label them so you know exactly where everything is and you’ll find working far quicker and easier.

3. A Jack

A high-pressure jack should be high on your list of essentials. Look for one that can raise a variety of cars, including heavy ones, if you’re planning to work on a few different vehicles. In addition to your jack, you’ll need a couple of jack stands to keep the car raises safely. Do not attempt to get under a vehicle that is not supported properly or you’ll be at risk of getting crushed.

4. A Code Reader

A reader will help you diagnose issues right off the bat without having to do as much prodding and poking around. If you’re a newbie to the car maintenance game then this handy little piece of kit will be a lifesaver, enabling you to work out what’s wrong with a vehicle with as little effort as possible.

5. Good Lighting

Having a well-lit space to your garage will make your life way easier, and extra lamps or work lights to ensure you can see right into any dark nooks and crannies. Bright white LED lights are the best option for illuminating any shadowy corners under the depths of the bonnet.

6. Cleaning Products

After working long and hard on a car in your garage, you’ll want it to look nice and shiny once you’re done, so having good quality waxes, polishes and protectors is a necessity. That goes for the inside too, so fabric or leather conditioners should sit proudly in your cleaning kit!

7. Touch Up Kit

Small dings and scratches can often be buffed out with a microfibre cloth and some scratch remover. If your exterior damage is too significant to be buffed away, then having a paintwork touch-up kit is a great way to repair larger blemishes on the car. You can get a package of a variety of colours and then mix yourself to match the existing paintwork.

8. Air Compressor

If you’re serious about cars then a little tyre pump won’t do. Purchase a proper air compressor to inflate tyres, or power your tools to save you time and energy!

Which of these bits of kit will you be picking up?



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