9 Advantages Of Prioritizing Web Accessibility

The internet is such a powerful tool that it’s nearly impossible to imagine life without it. It has the potential of increasing the quality of life for just about everyone on the planet. However, years ago, the opportunities provided by the internet might not be available to everyone, especially those who live with disabilities such as visual, physical, and linguistic challenges.

These disabilities create barriers that lead experts to find solutions for these challenges. The answer? Web Accessibility.

What Is Web Accessibility?

But what does it mean for businesses or website owners?

Advantages Of Web Accessibility

1. Reach Wider Audience

  • People Without Disabilities

Even though web accessibility can be more beneficial for those who have disabilities, it can also reach the widest audience — people without disabilities.

Having an accessible website for all allows people to view your site on whatever device they’re using. Even if mobile phones are the primary device people use to access the internet nowadays, some prefer using desktops and laptops to search for information. Having an accessible website for any device may widen your audience a little bit more.

  • People With Disabilities

Web accessibility allows website owners to reach a broader audience, especially those with disabilities such as visual, physical, and linguistic difficulties.

  • Visual

Older adults and people with visual disabilities experience difficulty when viewing small font sizes and high contrast colors. This problem can be a primary reason for them to leave your site and look for information elsewhere. By making your site accessible, you’re allowing users to enlarge their text size and choose the background color that’ll make it easier for them.

  • Physical

Some disabilities affect the movement of hands and fingers. It can prevent some people from using a mouse or clicking the links on your site that are often used to navigate to other pages. If you’re using an image map to provide navigation, you’re not providing a valuable experience for these users. By making your site accessible and linking each area of your site with a text-based link, you’re also making sure all users can easily use your website.

  • Linguistic

People with a linguistic disability may find it challenging to understand the text. Some may misinterpret words or the use of long compound words may create a challenge for them. Making your site accessible with speech-to-text and text-to-speech features may help those who want to listen to the content rather than read it. You may also allow users to choose the language so they can understand it better.

Websites accessible to these people will allow them to understand certain words, phrases, and concepts better. These people can be part of your audience since they also use the internet one way or another. Thus, prioritizing web accessibility can help your business or website reach a wider audience.

2. Build A Good Brand Reputation

Thus, web accessibility can help build a good brand reputation for your company, especially when attracting more customers. It can also increase loyalty from existing clients and users. People nowadays tend to patronize brands that sell good products and services and provide a certain level of equality and inclusivity. So, if you’re also providing that for your customers, they’ll be more likely to patronize your business.

3. Improve Search Engine Ranking

  • Title Tags

An accessible website has page title tags that are appropriate and clearly describes the page’s content, which helps users understand the page’s purpose without even looking at the content. Thus, these tags will improve your site’s SEO ranking.

  • Lists

Accessible websites use lists created with bulleted or numbered items to convey the page’s content quickly. If your website requires bulleted or numbered lists for its content, it’ll be easier for users to scan the page and quickly understand what each sub-topic contains. Using lists will improve your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and the user experience for people who rely on scanning instead of reading everything from beginning to end.

  • Headings

Headings help web accessibility by allowing users to understand the page’s structure. It also helps search engine bots better determine what each section contains to improve your site’s SEO ranking.

  • Links

Descriptive links promote a website’s accessibility by using text that clearly describes the page your hyperlink will direct users to. For example, instead of ‘Click here,’ you can use ‘Learn more about our services’ as the link text. This text allows search engines to understand your site’s content better and improve its SEO ranking.

Thus, prioritizing web accessibility will help your website rank higher in search engine results and improve the user experience.

4. Future-Proof Your Site Against Non-Compliance

If you don’t ignore web accessibility now, you’ll be more prepared to comply with any future laws that may require employees or business owners to prioritize web accessibility.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

6. Accessible Websites Use Less Bandwidth

7. Better Search Rankings For Mobile Searches

8. Improve Online Customer Support

Having an accessible website makes it easier for you to support your customers by providing accessible answers to their most common concerns without requiring them to visit your physical location, which will also save you money. For instance, online contact forms allow visitors to contact you through their preferred communication mode directly (e.g., email or chat) and provide an accurate description of their concerns. Customers are also more likely to provide positive feedback or recommend your products or services to others if they have a good customer service experience.

9. Increase Sales Conversions


Prioritizing web accessibility is a good investment for any business that aims to increase their sales conversions, improve their SEO rankings, and customer satisfaction. It also helps companies save money in the long run because they can use less bandwidth and reduce the cost of online customer support.



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