The Company

BrainWare® is a learning company, establishing itself around cognitive assessment and cognitive training. Did you know that 50 percent of the variability in learning outcomes is driven by your cognitive profile? What that means is that the BrainWare Learning Company can impact the skills that account for half — 50 percent of the factors that predict your learning performance. Seriously!

The inception of BrainWare Learning Company, and the journey so far

Roger Stark, Founder and CEO, and Betsy Hill, COO, and President of BrainWare Learning Company have always looked for opportunities where they can give back to people and help them in any way possible. They wanted to provide something that would change the way the world looks at things. And in this search, a lot of ideas came to Roger’s desk. One day, a couple of doctors walked into his office and asked, “What do you know about the brain?”

Why BrainWare Learning Company? Why now?

Let’s look at the facts. Schools, especially in the US, spend less than 5 percent of their budget on what drives 50 percent of a student’s learning outcomes. This is not the case with all schools, but in most schools, educators are more inclined towards teaching rather than facilitating learning.

BrainWare Learning Company: what makes them different, and what sets them apart

The challenge that parents and teachers face is that the educational system is not equipped to deal with children who learn differently. BrainWare Learning Company guides them through to the best of their experiences, ensuring ways to optimize transformational learning experiences with the child. And they empower each parent and teacher to do that.

Changing times and changing trends

The number one priority for BrainWare Learning Company is understanding their clients — what they want, what problems they face, and what they are looking for, addressing the root cause, not the symptoms. The team is particularly sensitive to the markets it serves and makes sure that they have great empathy. Most of the children they work with have become discouraged by their learning experiences in school. They often have low self-esteem. Their parents are confused and unsure.

The Leadership at BrainWare Learning Company

Roger and Betsy’s take on the competition in the market and how they deal with it?

“People do what they do. I’m very familiar with everybody that’s doing something in this space. I think we have some unique components ourselves. I like to be aware of what the competition is doing but I don’t look at them as much as I look at science. I’m always looking at neuroscience, looking at cognitive science, all the different disciplines that work with the brain. I’m more in tune with the latest technology than the people,” Roger adds.




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