1. Rapid Adoption of Cloud Infrastructure

The pandemic has highlighted factors such as high availability, disaster recovery, lower costs for backup and remote workforce management, and business agility. Businesses want to be resilient and flexible to survive.

2. Strengthening of Cyber Immunity Through Decentralization

The traditional approach to cybersecurity has been to prevent breaches and respond to security incidents. Neither of these approaches provides immunity against cyberattacks, or more precisely, protection of critical assets from compromises and hacking. It is where the distributed approach comes in.

3. Leveraging With Emerging Technologies

Cybercriminals are using emerging technologies to automate their attacks. That’s why defending against their threats necessitates those businesses must understand how to effectively deploy emerging technologies as new solutions.

  • Ubiquitous Interconnectivity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing
  • Digital Identification Technology

Tangled Trends

At present, technology solutions are becoming more intelligent, more flexible, and more pervasive. Business operations and processes are rapidly becoming reliant on these technologies. Simultaneously, data security and privacy vulnerabilities are increasing due to rapid changes in the technology world.




The Enterprise Diary is distinctively focuses on five major industries i.e Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and Consulting.

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