Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc.- Transforming Your Business with Technology

Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc.- Transforming Your Business with Technology

For over a century after the industrial revolution, the business world and business processes stayed almost the same. The next big revolution that forced businesses to shift was the internet. Today, with the exponential rate at which technology is moving, there is no other option but to adapt to the changes.

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of The 5 Best DELL Solution Providers In 2022 is Eastern Computer Exchange Inc., a company dedicated to transforming businesses with innovative solutions.

The Company-

Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc. started in 1990 and has grown to a Global IT Solution provider focused on the Cloud and Digital Transformation with Zero Trust Security, albeit on or off-prem or a combination of both.

“We focus on our customers’ needs by providing the best solutions and technical resources while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership, thereby enabling our clients to compete in the Global Marketplace.”, Brendan Lynch, CEO, Eastern Computers Exchange

Eastern computer Exchange is adept at infrastructure architecture, security, networking and cloud — and most importantly, they pay special focus on understanding their customers’ IT business needs better than anyone. When customers work with the team at Eastern, they get the best choices available from IT industry gold standards like Dell, Cisco, Citrix, Z-Scaler and more.

After three decades, the Eastern Computer Exchange has achieved an unmatched trust from their customers being their strategic partners. From day one, they have had one driving motivator that has consistently guided them: “to put the customers’ needs above our own. “The team has never been driven by what benefits them; it’s all about the customers, and always has been.” Because of this, their customer retention rate is among the highest in the industry. In fact, their first client is still with them today, decades later.

“Today, our customer line card includes Fortune 500 enterprise brands who continue to turn to us to keep their most critical domestic and global IT operations running smoothly.”

At Eastern Computer Exchange, the team has built a culture of curiosity and empowerment, and it’s reflected in the everyday behaviors, actions and attitudes of our leadership team, their managers and their employees. It is this mindset that has allowed the company to successfully grow its business while helping customers integrate the finest IT solutions for their own businesses.

Cutting through the Complexities-

The marketplace was very different when Eastern Computer Exchange started its business. For example, companies would buy 90 Gigabyte’s storage capacity, in units the size of a refrigerator to run their data centers. Today you get 10 times that on a smart device that fits in your hand. So, the explosive growth they have seen for the last 3 decades has provided the challenges and the opportunities we all have today in this incredible marketplace. Having the resources to cover the opportunity is always the challenge companies need to focus on.

The Cloud and Digital Transformation was a complete mind shift for how customers view and store their most critical data today. In order to compete with the “up and coming” Cloud based companies, it became critical for brick-and-mortar organizations to evolve and pass their new competition.

“This allowed us to grow with our customers and provide them with relevant solutions and direction for the changing world of IT.”

The Growth Quotient-

“Our long-standing success goes back to two very important principles which is to treat your employees as #1 and your customers even better.”

The Eastern Computer Exchange is hyper-focused on its customers and ensuring they receive the very best solutions and services possible. The team makes sure to leave no stone unturned for their customers and has been a Strategic Partner to everyone from the beginning.

Every employee is a part of the growth. The Eastern Computer Exchange stands 100% behind its employees as they are family. The Eastern Computer Exchange supports their employees at every step of the way.

“If you take care of your customers and your employees you can go a long way.”

Here are a few statistics that show their growth-

  • In 1990 they had 2 employees
  • In 2000 they had 20 employees
  • In 2010 they had 38 Employees
  • In 2022 they have 75 Employees

Account base:

  • In 1990 they had no end-user customers (they were only wholesale in 1990)
  • In 2000 they had 30 end user customers
  • In 2010 they had 75 customers
  • In 2022 they have 250 customers and growing 20% year over year

The Products and Services-

Eastern Computer Exchange does not focus on products rather solutions that help its customers transform in the Cloud, Digital Transformation, Automation, Managed Services, Edge, Operations, Security and Datacenter space. This is why Dell Technologies has been such a great company to partner with given their #1 leadership position in all these platforms. Like Eastern, Dell continually evolves to stay ahead of this changing marketplace.

The team collects requirements, evaluate, assess, design and architect, build business cases and proposals and provide World Class Services to ensure a smooth and successful implementation and turnover for our clients. Their services stand out for the expertise and knowledge Eastern’s teams bring to the table covering global accounts across 5 continents.

“We have the most highly trained staff with the best OEMs in the industry and over 33 years’ experience delivering these World Class Solutions.”

Eastern’s Services Benefitting Businesses-

Eastern Computer Exchange’s technical advisory services provide independent and objective recommendations that represent the best interests of our clients’ business. They offer an array of assessment services that deliver valuable insights to technology and business leaders allowing them to make better-informed decisions.

Utilizing this information and leveraging Eastern’s extensive relationships with major technology vendors, the team is able to provide multiple solutions to improve resiliency, efficiency, and performance while often reducing capital and operational expenses.

“Since its inception, Eastern Computer Exchange has made a commitment to take a consultative approach with our clients.”

The team engages with their customers and takes the time to understand their business and work collaboratively to develop solutions that meet their strategic growth initiatives while allowing flexibility and scalability to accommodate unforeseen market changes.

It is their belief that it is imperative to holistically understand each organizations unique challenges and opportunities in order to develop technology solutions that will meet their future needs in the most cost-effective manner.

The Road Ahead-

“We understand the importance of having a robust consulting and professional services organization to provide guidance to our clients in an increasingly complex business and technology climate.”

Eastern technical architecture and engineering organizations regularly attend numerous industry conferences and pursue leading-edge technology certifications to ensure that they stay current in their respective fields. Through their Office of the CTO, products, that are part of overall solutions, are vetted and determined when ready for the customers. Dell continues to lead in this area by providing solutions and products to test both in our lab as well as their own.

The Eastern Computer Exchange’s services portfolio, which is constantly reviewed and modified in order to provide the most value to its customers given the shifts in the industry are updated with the highest skill sets through their OEM and internal lab training.

Brendan Lynch- Leading the Way

President and CEO

“We have to always stay ahead and up to date with the ever-changing market to ensure our customers have the knowledge of what’s available to help them compete on the world stage.”

Brendan has 35 years of experience in the IT industry. He started his career with IBM Credit Corporation in 1987, and then opened up Eastern Computer Exchange Inc. in 1990 as the President and CEO. The Eastern Computer Exchange has been a partner of Dell/EMC since 1994 as well as being a Cisco Partner since 2011 and now has over 100+ incredible OEMs as the Eastern Computer Exchange offers the best of breed solutions to their clientele.

31 Years in business with some of the best and innovative clients in the world and being able to help in any way has been by far the team’s greatest achievement which they intend to continue for a long time to come. Looking back, Eastern started selling a storage disk drive in Stamford, Connecticut in 1990 and today are delivering some of the most highly technical Digital Transformation Solutions to the top customers globally, it’s a proud achievement for sure.

The Team-

“We provide a world class company, environment, healthcare and solutions including those from Dell — which allow our employees to grow and evolve.”

The environment is ever-changing which makes it a great place to work, learn and grow. The team carries a “customer is always first” attitude and will do anything they need to help a customer 24X7X365 going above and beyond always.

Following are just a few of our leading Eastern Executives-


Chief Technology Officer

Walt Rival is Chief Technology Officer for Eastern Computer Exchange Inc. He manages strategic initiatives for Hybrid Cloud, as a Service Automation, Software Defined Everything, Security, Digital Transformation, Operations, Managed Services, Digital Workplace, and Data Analytics. Rival’s career has been focused on developing enterprise IT solutions. He came to Eastern as the SVP of Technical Services in 2002. He leveraged his background to design solutions for many of the world’s leading media and entertainment corporations.


Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Greg joined Eastern Computer Exchange in January of 2016 and is responsible for leading the global sales and presales team members. Prior to joining Eastern, Greg held various sales leadership positions for EMC Corporation from 2000 — to 2015. Greg also led sales teams in the logistics and shipping business for several years prior to joining EMC with his last role as VP of Global Sales — Automotive Division for Wallenius, Wilhelmsen Lines.


VP of Systems Engineering & Solutions

Richard Winston is the VP of Systems Engineering and Solutions at Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc. where Rich and his team design and build state-of-the-art IT solutions to meet the changing needs of their clients. Combining a deep understanding of his client’s business goals, strategy, and challenges with a broad, future technology vision allow Eastern to lead transformative IT solutions enabling businesses to grow and compete in the digital age.


Vice President Network & Security

Donaldson is Vice President Networking and Security at Eastern where he leads and coordinates both the Network and Security Teams with Eastern’s Global Enterprise customers. Under Frank’s leadership, his teams work closely with our Global Sales Team on Strategy Development, Architecture, and Design. Frank has held senior management positions at multiple large companies and startups while working with global brands such as Disney, Toyota, Walmart, Prudential, Allergan, JPMorgan Chase, AbbVie, Brinks, and many more.

“We could not be prouder of what our team does and accomplishes for our clients.”

Brendan’s Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“If you focus on our customers while treating your employees with respect and loyalty, if you have the right solutions and offerings, you will go a long way. The road is not easy and if it was everyone would do it. Perseverance will be needed but success will be in your future.”



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