Get Known To The Russian Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ In 7 Points

Everyone was waiting for the vaccine. In such a situation, the question is whether the WHO will approve of this vaccine. If given, how will this vaccine be carried forward?

The whole world is waiting for the vaccine to be saved from the coronavirus epidemic. Many countries of the world are busy with vaccine efforts. Until now, the Oxford vaccine was being discussed everywhere, but on Tuesday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin claimed that the world’s first Coronavirus vaccine had been prepared. Approval has also been received from the Health Ministry of Russia. Putin has also told that he has given this vaccine to his daughter.

After Russia’s claim, the discussion has started in the whole world. Everyone was waiting for the vaccine. In such a situation, the question is whether the WHO will approve of this vaccine. If given, how will this vaccine be carried forward? Before answering all these questions, in the 7 points let you explain the important things related to the vaccine

7 important points related to the Russian Covid-19 vaccine.

  1. On 11 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed about the COVID vaccine. Putin has said that his country has made the world’s first corona vaccine. After about two months of human trials, this vaccine has been approved in Russia.
  2. This vaccine is named ‘Sputnik V’. This name is also special. Sputnik was the name of the first satellite in the world, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. By connecting this satellite, the world’s first corona vaccine has been named.
  3. Putin has told that he chose one of his daughters for the first use of the Corona vaccine. Everyone was surprised to hear this. President Putin has two daughters. One of them had a mild fever. He was given the first dose of this vaccine after coming to the Corona Test positive. With this dose, Putin’s daughter’s condition improved rapidly and the fever subsided in just one day.
  4. Russia’s Gamalaya National Center has created the corona drug Sputnik V. A different virus ‘adenovirus’ has been used for this vaccine. A similar vaccine has also been developed at Oxford University and China.
  5. Chief Kirill Dmitriev of RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) has said that Russia has already received a demand for about 1 billion doses of this vaccine from more than 20 countries. It is being told that the mass production of the vaccine will start from the month of September, which will be further increased in October.
  6. However, this vaccine is yet to be finalized. In such a situation, questions have also been raised about its approval. At the same time, the Russian company Sistema has talked about the mass production of the vaccine by the end of this year.
  7. The World Health Organization has said that this vaccine is going to be in the third phase trial. WHO is discussing approval with Russia. WHO had earlier said that if a license is issued for the production of a Covid-19 vaccine without testing it in the third phase, it can prove to be a very dangerous step.




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