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If you look at the roots of the business, you’ll see that data protection was always the cornerstone of all things VigiTrust. It remains so, so GDPR is right up our alley. Providing a solution like VigiOne makes total sense in this context; it enables clients and partners to prepare for, validate, and maintain compliance with GDPR, and link that to over 100 interrelated data protection standards and laws.

Challenges that Made Way for a Successful Pathway-

Mathieu Gorge (CEO) founded VigiTrust in 2003, a time of great change in the Irish IT security sector following the 2001 recession. Many value-added resellers had suffered in the wake of that recession, leading to some in the sector starting their own security consulting firms.

The Products and Services-

VigiOne incorporates VigiTrust’s 18 years of experience in the information security services sector into one single SaaS solution, enabling complex and disparate organizations to simplify the implementation and management of security and privacy regulations. VigiOne utilizes VigiTrust’s 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ to enable the key processes for Preparation, Validation, and Compliance.

Readiness Surveys

VigiOne includes a GDPR readiness assessment questionnaire template (31 questions across 13 topics) that can be assigned to entities to assess their GDPR how compliant or “ready” they are for a GDPR audit.


Data Protection Basic, Fundamentals, Intermediate Courses

VRM Module (where applicable)

VigiOne’s VRM capabilities allow you to ensure that suppliers fully understand their obligations concerning data processing.

Policy and Procedure Dissemination and Implementation Tracking

VigiOne’s document management function allows you to communicate, disseminate and control the implementation of important documents such as agreements and a range of policies across large complex organizations.

Data Processing Register(Record of Data Processing)

VigiOne allows you to create and disseminate templates to ensure that subsidiaries use a standardized and consolidated approach to compliance.

Assessment Automation

VigiOne’s Assessment 360 tool includes templates for all required assessments under GDPR, including DPIA and LIA Balancing Test, and also allows you to develop or customize purpose-built templates for your subsidiaries.

Website Scanning Scheduling and Management

Organizations can integrate vulnerability management and web application scanning into VigiOne where required.

Incident & Breach Project Management Template

VigiOne’s Project and Task Management feature allows you to create project plan templates and task lists that can be used for incident and breach management planning, testing, and execution.

Documentation and Evidence Library

The capability to demonstrate compliance to GDPR and other regulations at the touch of a button requires ready access to documentary and other evidence of compliance and testing. VigiOne’s document library stores and tracks a range of file types, including documents, images, reports, and videos.


VigiOne provides a fully transparent view of GDPR processes, even in large, complex distributed organizations. Importantly, it allows you to demonstrably and consistently manage compliance. The platform allows you to quickly review and audit your processes and efficiently control update and change. You can integrate your security program to demonstrate your commitment to protecting the personal data that you need to process, in a manner that is compliant with prevailing legislation and best practice.

The Road Ahead-

VigiTrust strives for continuous innovation, and its product roadmap is designed to ensure that VigiOne is easily adapted to any organization, be it acquiring banks, retail companies, hotels, QSAs, or ASVs.

Mathieu Gorge- Leading the Way-

Mathieu Gorge, Founder & CEO created VigiTrust in Dublin, Ireland. He is an established authority and speaker on Cyber Security, Risk Management & Compliance with more than 20 years’ international experience.




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