Is Manual Testing in Salesforce Efficient?

Salesforce is a powerful tool that helps implement workflows which in turn leads to business growth. It is the most preferred tool by businesses. Salesforce appeals to enterprising firms because of how well it integrates with other apps; yet, adding more applications increases the importance of thorough testing. When it comes to testing in salesforce, you have two alternatives. Manual testing is the first. This can take a lot of time, effort, and money because your testing team needs to use traditional methods to find the issues.

On the other hand, automated testing employs tools to test every level of the system, be it unit, UAT, production, or regression.

People are inclining more towards salesforce test automation in today’s world because of various drawbacks of manual testing in salesforce. Let’s have a closer look at the challenges faced by implementing manual testing.

Top Challenges of Manual Testing in Salesforce:

  1. Upgrades or migrations from Classic to Lightning result in various changes to the underlying code, functionality, and behaviors. It’s possible that test scripts built for one version won’t easily be transferred to the other.
  2. Lightning, Salesforce’s new app development framework, adds additional layouts, navigation, filters, dashboards, list views, integrations, and workflows to the platform. This significantly increases the number of use cases that must be tested.
  3. Users can still switch back to Classic mode after upgrading to Lightning. As a result, businesses must test use cases that span both interfaces.
  4. Complex web components, such as Shadow DOM, are challenging to test with open source or code-based tools that salesforce lightning uses.
  5. Apps from cloud marketplaces, such as Salesforce’s AppExchange, have separate codebases, necessitating end-to-end testing in order to interact with a CI/CD pipeline.
  6. Because Salesforce lacks a source repository and a well-defined release process, building apps to integrate internal workflows necessitates the use of third-party DevOps solutions. End-to-end testing is required for these tools and workflows.
  7. Regular system maintenance updates provide significant improvements in security, availability, and performance, but they can also introduce bugs, necessitating the creation of new scripts each time the system is upgraded.

Why Could Test Automation be a Savior?


However, easier-to-use and more intuitive solutions have recently been released that do not require continual coding and take less time from your testers, making test automation a viable alternative for your Salesforce CRM.



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