The Journey of Penguin Automated Systems

Penguin automated systems is a small robotics company specializing in mobile robotics and intelligent systems. Penguin Automated Systems grew out of the mining industry and the research work that Dr. Baiden led in a mining company, academically and as an entrepreneur around the robotic mine of the future. Penguin has now been in business for 18 years providing robotic and mobile equipment solutions to the mining industry. This work has expanded over the last 10 years to include underwater, civil construction, agriculture and space.

  • Site Assessment Studies
  • Determine the particular mine’s technology application
  • Technology Roadmap development for the mines
  • Assessment of current technology mine plans vs potential automated mine plans to determine Cost/Benefit
  • Full Automated Mine Design services
  • Scoping
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Feasibility
  • And, Detailed Implementation Studies




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