Polkadot: Creating Secure and Reliable Network Protocol

The Polkadot design forms an interconnected web of blockchains interfacing with the external networks and the customized layer of “parachains.” This network is dependent on a proof-of-stake consensus structure which is eco-friendly as well. Thus, it is possible to create several cross-chain registries which can perform cross-chain computations thereby using Polkadot as a medium to transmit data across the public and private blockchains.

Polkadot has brought together a network of heterogeneous blockchains — parachains and parathreads in order to create a single network. The Relay Chain buildcon is the foundation that helps in connecting and securing both these chains together. Thus, with the help of the bridges created, they can be connected to external networks as well.

Substrate: Polkadot’s Relay Chain

The development of Substrate was done in regard to the experiences in creating Ethereum, Bitcoin, and corporate blockchain by Parity Technologies. Consequently, Polkadot’s state machine is written in WebAssembly (Wasm) — a virtual environment, and several corporations namely Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla have contributed to the development of Wasm.

Libp2p: A Cross-Platform Network



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