The Company — Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is an ISO:9001, ISO 27001:2013, NASSCOM-recognized IT company delivering software solutions based on a wide range of technologies. The company dominates the industry with its position as a global leader in the digital technology area. Sparx’s solutions have unparalleled results and experience as the company and its solutions focus on maximum smoother workflow and best results for its clients with the most innovative technologies at affordable prices. Their solutions and work showcase their rich domain knowledge and a flexible & agile workflow.

Early Days at Sparx

Sumit has its fair share of hurdles and achievements on the way to becoming a business leader in the IT industry. He aims to provide the best services to his clients and contribute to the IT industry as a whole. As the Business Head of the organization, it has always been his foremost responsibility to find out any opportunities for powering the growth of the organization. He adopted a direct approach to deal with any existing issues that were obstructing the further extension of the company.

The Rising Growth Graph of Sparx IT Solutions and the Reason Behind

The company has grown through the years in terms of revenues. They have served 5000+ businesses established domestically as well as internationally. The company has created custom solutions for reputed Indian brands such as Cleartrip, HCL, Vedanta, and BPL. Some popular names in their global client list are Coca-Cola, Hyundai, D-Link, Duracell, Pfizer, Cisco, Intel, and hp. Sparx’s customer retention rate has been 85% where they have engaged in a fruitful association with all of their customers.

Sparx’ Comprehensive Plethora of Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions assure the best industry practices and standards, tailor-made according to their client’s unique demands and requirements. Sparx IT Solutions’ unique approach of executing their plans and handling all project deliveries enables them to serve clients passionately. They tend to remain their client’s most credible technology and business partner through the years.

Sumit Sengar - Sparx IT Solutions quote

Sumit Sengar, Taking Sparx a Step Ahead With…

To take this company ahead, he is making it more and more capable of meeting the most complex demands of the customers. The conclusive idea of the company’s growth strategy is to upskill, upgrade, and upscale. “Ever since I started this journey, I have always tried exploring new ways and plans to enhance our productivity, service deliveries, and work efficiency. With this approach, I have been able to create new possibilities and opportunities for our business,” Sumit commented.

Sumit Sengars Sources of Inspiration:

The trio of Mr. Prashant Sengar, Mr. Vikash Sharma, and Mr. Rohit Choudhary (PVR, as people at Sparx, call them as a team) are the people who have driven the company to satisfactory heights in the industry.

  • Mr. Sengar, co-founder & director, has taught Sumit the art of handling our customers in any situation.
  • Mr. Sharma, co-founder & director, inspired him to be more consistent, organized, and structured while replicating what is best in the business.
  • Mr. Choudhary, co-founder & CTO, has amazed Sumit by his exceptional art of elaborating the user requirements and technical demands in the simplest way.

Overwhelming clients Experience in Sumit’s words

Once I was working hard to understand the scope, trends, and mechanism of the hospitality industry. I was very focused and passionate about learning more and more about the possibilities in the industry. One day I got a call from a US-based business entrepreneur who told me about his plan of introducing a wellness portal. Because of my recent studies of the industry, I found things more topical and could share my knowledge and experience.




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