GST compliance: Tax Genie’s Remarkable Services


  1. Overview and assurance of GST compliance at the entity and group level
  2. Timely assessment of risk (underpayment of GST, claiming excess ITC),
  3. Opportunity areas (excess payment of GST, input GST recovery)
  4. Effective use of working capital (accelerate ITC, reduce refunds).
  • Gain visibility and control of spend
  • Improve accounts payable efficiency
  • Manage to spend across multiple locations
  • Minimize supplier risk
  • Manage and automize tail spend
  • Minimize supplier risk
  • Accelerate payments

PayInvoice: A Feather in Cap of Solutions

Rakesh’s Take on the GST Business Precautions

  • It is a data-rich company that provides insights to clients by touching every business transaction.
  • It is a noble cause that improves compliance and digitization of Indian commerce.
  • It makes taxation simple for a wide range of businesses, from large enterprises to small and medium businesses.

Empowering the Workforce



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