Here are few tips to choose the Best Infor Support Partner:

1. Is Your Business Large or Considered Medium-Sized?

If your company is classified as a large-scale one, you should already have widespread knowledge of the software and independently resolve any technical problems that may arise.

2. How Experienced is Your Chosen Partner?

A well-established partner will ideally have many years of experience providing software services for a wide range of clients.

3. How Quickly Can the Infor Partner Resolve Any Issues?

Although speed isn’t the only consideration, it’s probably one of the most important when assessing an Infor support partner. Failure to address any problems promptly could result in data loss and unnecessary disruption for your business.

4. How are the Services Being Charged?

According to a recent statistic, the ERP software market values are proposed to reach $96.04 billion, $96.71 billion, and 97.15 billion, respectively, for 2022, 2023, and 2024 worldwide.




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