What is Product Management?

Product management refers to the set of processes that pertain to every step of a product’s lifecycle, beginning with development and ending with pricing and positioning.

Benefits of using Product Management Tools

A product management tool can bring many benefits to your business, and they’re not just related to savings.

1. Reduce the Risk of Product Failure

A better distribution of work and projects and their completion within deadlines reduces the risk of product failure. The benefits of having a product management tool are that they enable you to create roadmaps, make them visible to your employees, and let them track and show their progress.

2. Better Collaboration

Product management tools facilitate collaboration with real-time collaboration and easy task management. So, you can manage projects, let your team members edit them, and work on them simultaneously. This will provide each worker with a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

3. Effective Task Delegation

In many situations, product managers have difficulty assigning tasks fairly to team members, which can negatively affect the team’s efficiency. With a project management program, managers can easily assign project tasks to members and see who is available for the task at hand.

4. Enhanced Productivity

Product management tools offer the benefit of enhanced productivity as one of their main advantages. Having the ability to assign tasks efficiently, monitor their progress, and work in real-time makes the workflow clearer to everyone and increases productivity.

5. Easy Integration of New Team Members

As the workload increases, it may become necessary to hire and involve a new team member. Integrating new members can be challenging at times, and it takes time for them to understand the projects, the tasks, and so on.

Best 5 Product Management Tools

This section provides a list of product management tools that can help boost efficiency and save time and money. Let’s explore them.

1. Maze

Maze is an online usability testing tool. It lets you test prototypes with users or gather insights through surveys, card sorting, and more.

2. Monday

Monday is an online platform that lets you integrate all the product management tools you use into one place. By letting you choose and use over 200 pre-designed and ready-made templates, you can create your favorite workflow within minutes. You and your staff can use it right away with no training needed since the interface is very intuitive.

3. Airfocus

Airfocus is a product management platform that lets you and your employees build dynamic and strategic roadmaps with ease. Anyone, even those without experience, can design effective roadmaps using its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

4. Jira

Jira Software is a product management tool that helps teams of all types manage work. Jira was originally designed as a bug and issue tracker. Now, Jira has evolved into a versatile work management tool that can handle all sorts of work, including requirements management and testing.

5. ProdPad

As yet another excellent product management tool, ProdPad provides product managers with an easy-to-use way to develop a solid product strategy. Using a drag-and-drop tool, you can create a lean product roadmap and communicate and define your product strategy without getting stuck in the build process.


Product management can take time and effort. However, using the right product management tools, such as those outlined in this article, can help you more easily organize, distribute, and track the work, making sure you correctly follow all steps and within the deadlines.




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