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Businesses come and go, what stays is the presence, the impact, and the name of the enterprise. Business is more about creating a relationship between the company and the customers than selling something to someone.

A company is always on the search and hunt for the next big innovation, which could carve their name in the hall of fame, but, what about the existing products/services they offer?

There are a lot of companies offering similar products/services but only a few prevail and take the top spot.

What makes the customers follow these names only, and overlook any other, despite discounts, extra benefits, etc.?

Farah Hawilo is one of the leading and eccentric businesswomen of 2021. She is not only an effervescent leader but also a great persona, inspiring budding entrepreneurs and exiting businessmen/businesswomen.

Farah is the Executive Director of Trust Capital TC. Trust Capital TC provides a secure, reliable, and transparent environment to trade CFDs on Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

Offering direct access to the financial markets with the benefits of competitive pricing, tight spreads, low commission, and negative balance protection.

Since Brokers do not share a good image in the market, Farah and her company aim to eradicate that by providing services that are unmatched, top-notch, and completely transparent. Trust Capital TC revolutionizes the traditional image and perception of Brokers.

Farah, and her will to create something extraordinary and change the face of trading and the air around it, makes her one of the most dynamic businesswomen to watch in 2021

“To achieve something that you’ve never achieved, you have to do something that you’ve never done”

The Company, the Journey

They offer a trading platform for clients to invest, whether they are retail or professional clients. They offer a lot of instrument support, such as Forex, Metals, indices, energies, Commodities, ‘Cryptocurrencies, and planning to launch physical U.S stocks.’

To cater to clients of all kinds and offer different account types suited for all kinds of investors, professional or starting out, Trust Capital TC offers a one-stop solution.

Being a broker, a company faces many claims, which are on the negative side. But Trust Capital TC rises as the knight in shining armor for all those cheated, mistreated, or conned by traditional brokers. The defining characteristic feature of Trust Capital TC is the education they offer, and that too free of cost! They conduct webinars, seminars, and provide online education. They also have a program called the Forex Mentor, providing one-on-one training.

Trust Capital TC and its team know trading into Indices, Forex, etc. is a risky job. They offer education so people and their clients can learn. They impart education, not to get accounts, but to establish trust and eradicate improper knowledge which stains the occupation of trading as a whole. They are the change, by being the change!

They also offer practice accounts, so people can practice trading with virtual money. This does not stop here as Trust Capital TC monitors the account with them, and tries to give them some tips, etc. on how to trade and how to get better, and much more.

One of the most challenging tasks for Trust Capital TC and its team was to get their license. As they moved and chose Cyprus as the base of operation, CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) had introduced regulatory changes, implied stringent rules, and regulations. As the leverages were reduced to 1:30 from 1:100, making it less risky for traders, bringing in a lot of compliance work, etc. to get a license.

Moreover, to get the license they had to plan and regulate policies, in adherence to the regulations, keeping it completely transparent at all times. With dedication, hard work, and luck on their side, they were one of the last companies to get a CySEC license!

After the license, next was the task of setting up the company, but that was something they were already prepared for, making it easy for them to establish their firm.

What pushes Trust Capital TC to grow and succeed?

To tap this space, Trust Capital TC conducted online webinars, a lot of them. Projected towards educating and creating awareness about trading online, what it means to invest online, and it is not as difficult as it seems. This not only led to more clients, but traders who are educated, aware, and understand trading, which Trust Capital TC strives to achieve.

People of different fields also became more interested in trading, because Trust Capital TC broke many myths along its journey for its clients and students.

‘You can only trade if you know finance’.

“This is not true; you can learn anything that you’re interested in. All it takes is time, effort, and education. This is why we are here to help”.

Farah Hawilo, Executive Director, Trust Capital TC

Trust Capital TC’s roots for its long-standing success

Trust Capital TC’s ethics is to have great customer service and to make sure client is aware of every stage of their account. Even after they close the account, they make sure they’re doing okay. They keep a check and make sure their clients receive anything they need, along with the surety of debiting/crediting funds on time. They do frequent follow-ups, making sure the client has received profits, is up to date, etc.

Another factor making Trust Capital TC sought-after and acclaimed is the transparency with cost. Their pricing is everywhere, on the website, and on terms and conditions, etc. They make sure the client doesn’t miss anything because it is the money that they’re investing. So, they make sure to take care of that very much and be transparent with the client!

Services offered by Trust Capital TC, and what sets them apart

As mentioned earlier they provide education too. They have created a mobile app that helps the client track their trades, making their trading simple and easy, thus, saving their on-screen time. Clients also get pop-up notifications showing trade information, etc. They also receive other benefits right from the calendar of news to calculators that they might need, and much more.

They also offer affiliated partnerships. If someone wants to refer clients, they have a program for them. Also, liquidity offering is also provided. If it’s a corporate account and they want to open an account, get liquidity, etc. Trust Capital TC also provides that.

There are a lot of factors that set Trust Capital TC and its services apart. They make sure that pricing is competitive. They offer different account types with different pricing and different commission. So, clients can choose accounts, pricing, etc. to their needs.

They also provide as many payment methods as possible. They have PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, credit card debit card, and bank transfer, so no one feels restricted with one payment method.

Also, the free education is a huge plus, because almost all the Brokers have great offerings but only a few offer education, and that too on a condition if you’re a funded client with them.

Trust Capital also offers immersive and proactive customer service. It’s 24 hours, 24x7, all days a week, even when the markets are closed, making sure clients receive regular updates about everything, are always in the light!

New additions to Trust Capital’s service arsenal

What makes it interesting as now equity CFDs will be available to trade along with education, making Trust Capital a complete solution for traders and investors.

How Trust Capital goes ahead with changing times and trends

The Leading Lady, Farah Hawilo

She started from customer support, to learn all the ins and outs of the Forex world, right from client account opening, back office, etc. She also pursued and accumulated few certificates including risk and investment compliance by Reuters, Bloomberg terminal, etc. that fetched her more knowledge, skills, helping her get up the ladder.

All this prepared her and provided her the knowledge she needed to start her company. Followed the start of Trust Capital TC, where she was handling different roles and departments, such as operations, HR department, Compliance department, dealing with sales, etc.

Farah feels the highlight of her professional journey is getting the CySEC license, owing to stringent norms, compliance, regulations, etc., and nurturing her company to become a successful and respectable name in the market.

From there to open up a new office in Dubai, dedicating herself to bring more awareness and education amongst traders, eradicating the bad image around Brokers, and expanding the business is one of the major highlights of her career!

What Farah thinks are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

Be true to yourself, true to what you are doing, and at the same time don’t only look at it as a profit-making making business. It will get there as long as you have your ethics and the company. You have to make sure about the way you treat your employees, make sure to relay the message that the employees are not working for you, they’re working with you. To build a culture where works towards the same goal.

Always keep learning. No One Ever Knows enough. Keep trying to develop yourself, make sure you’re up to date with whatever new is going on in the markets and technology because times are changing very fast.

“They say you have to do what you love but to be honest to get to that goal you want; you have to go through phases, where you are not enjoying the process so much. I was doing compliance work, working in different departments that were not my initial passion. But in the end, this is what led me to the goal. You’re going through phases that you don’t love and you don’t enjoy at that point. You have to get through them. And you will reach your end goal!” Farah adds.

Team of Trust Capital TC

They don’t go for a nine-to-five shift, they focus on their personal development in the company, and how to best provide their clients. Trust Capital and its environment promotes learning and pushes its team to pursue certifications, seminars, and education.

So, this approach helps the team grow and motivates them to apply their knowledge and skills, bringing out the best of Trust Capital TC!

This culture inspires the team to branch out, and do even more than their job description. Inspiring a feeling of oneness towards the company, providing clients with 110% dedication and focus, and innovating along the way, make the team of Trust Capital exceptional and one of the best there is!

Farah’s views on constant vigilance- as a need or strategy

You need to see what’s going on around you, need to see what market is offering, so you can offer better.

“Whether it comes to marketing your products, you always have to be listening”

You have to be doing your research, see the trends, etc. Then comes the part of keeping up with the trends around practices, this is where your strategy kicks in!

Farah’s take on the competition in the market, and how she deals with it

Also, spending time with oneself is important. Give your thoughts space and time, moreover, give yourself the time you deserve!

On a professional level, always read the news. Stay in tune with what’s happening, so you can keep up.

“If you get drowned in your work only and you’re not aware of what’s going on the outside, you won’t be able to reach the daily tasks that you want to reach.” — Farah adds.



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