The Profile Experience:

  • TEW featured Unified Solutions as a profile first in The Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers in 2021.
  • the profile discussed the growth of Unified Services under the leadership and of Eiji Uda, CEO and Chairman of the firm.
  • The company saw a significant rise in the number of page views as it rose to 57,803.
  • The average time was increased to 02:07 minutes with unique page views of 52,202.
The Profile Experience

The Cover Story Experience:

  • The published cover story had 10+ thoughtfully designed pages and an exclusive cover page appearance.
  • The cover story mainly focused on the cloud strategy introduced by the company.
  • After the publishing of the cover story, the number rose to 107,023 views.
  • The average time was increased to 03:14 minutes and the unique page views rose to 99,244.
The Cover Story Experience

The Results:



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