Below are five reasons to see why marketing should never be just an Add-On:

1. Marketing must be Continuous and Ongoing

Marketing can’t be stop-start; it’s not a project, it’s a process. An effective marketing campaign must be a continuous process, a journey of sorts, and one that preferably doesn’t end. If you see marketing as a journey, then it’s easy to add to the storyline and build the brand as you go. Marketing per product or per season, won’t cut it in the modern integrated and interconnected world. To cogently build a brand you must be able to have a continuous constant reminder for people to follow and accept.

2. Outsource or Look to Managed Services to Focus on Marketing

Outsourced marketing is a popular means to get exactly what you want from a marketing campaign and have the experts to run and drive everything marketing related for the business. Being able to outsource the marketing function or use a fractional CMO to manage the marketing process is one of the best ways to create focus and have a dedicated person responsible for the company marketing process from start to finish.

3. Don’t entirely automate marketing

Yes, technology exists to automate all of your outgoing marketing messages and big data will allow you to know more about your customers than ever before. But without the personal analysis and creating a common internal understanding of customer needs the data may be useless. Simply sending automated messages that are not personalized or based on the customer will not gain you any true followers.

4. Marketing must be a Habit, Holistic and Mainstreamed

Creating a habit of your business marketing means that it must be something that is mainstreamed throughout the business. Marketing is not just the responsibility of the marketing department. Even those who make the product need to understand why and what they are making, and more importantly, for whom they make the products or design the service.

5. Integrate Across Platforms

A successful marketing campaign is one that is integrated across all platforms, so that it can be viewed and accessed online, on mobile, via text, billboard and more. If marketing integration is to be achieved, then the marketing process needs to be holistically planned and developed. No longer will it be acceptable that an advert isn’t made for mobile or can’t be seen on social media.


This article summarizes why marketing has become a crucial part of businesses now-a-days. Business owners can not just ignore the marketing part because marketing is the crucial factor leading to business growth and expansion.




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