American Horror Story 5.12

It’s episode 12 days of St. Knut’s Day. What’s that you ask? Apparently it’s marks the end of the Swedish Christmas season and involves a man dressed up like a goat. What’s this have to do with American Horror Story? Nothing!! It just happens to be what day this is. Now let’s break down this Knutty surprise season finale by storyline:


We start off with Liz revealing how she and Iris had high hopes for the hotel and were planning to remake it as a better place. As she’s sharing this she gets her throat slit. We then cut to Iris and Liz checking in a few guests to their new and redone hotel. After the guests are checked in Sally and Will kill the two guests. Iris and Liz are annoyed by this and declare that they need to have a meeting to stop this.

We cut to the meeting of the ghosts where Iris and Liz try to convince the ghosts to stop killing but they fail. March comes in and tells the ghosts to stop killing. Sally refuses and walks off.

Iris comes into Sally’s room and tries to convince her to stop killing. Sally says that she only feels good when she’s killing people. Iris reveals that she has a way to help her and gives a tablet and convinces her it will help her connect to the world. Liz reveals over narration that Sally fully embraced the internet, finally finding the acceptance she never had.

Liz and Will have a conversation about Will’s state of mind and Will’s crumbling fashion empire. It’s revealed that Will’s son had been sent off to a boarding school and that Will doesn’t want to see him anymore. Liz convinces Will to begin designing fashion again with Liz as the face of the brand.

This plan works and Liz becomes the head of the board of Will’s company. Will managed to become a fashion icon again and held fashion shows at the Hotel using the ghosts as models. During one show Liz is reminded of Tristan and Iris hires medium Billy Dean Howard (From Murder House) to help them find Tristan’s spirit, which has been MIA since his death. Billy manages to make contact with Tristan and it turns out that Tristan doesn’t want to talk to Liz. Liz is dismayed by this but thanks Billy for her help. Billy also reveals that she is contact with Donovan who says that he loves Iris.

Liz’s son then has a child of his own and Liz was transformed by being in their lives. Unfortunately Liz gets prostate cancer and decides not to do anything about it. Liz gathers the ghost and tells them the news and asks the ghosts to kill her which they go to do. Suddenly Lady Gaga shows up and offers to join in which Liz allows with Lady Gaga slicing her throat. After being transformed into a ghost Liz is greeted by Tristan. Tristan reveals that he was trying to stay out of Liz’s way so she could live her life. The two embrace as they’re finally reunited.

Later on Devils Night it turns out that Iris and Liz let Billy run her TV show in the Hotel which drew a bunch of unwanted attention. Iris and Ramona wonder what to do when John Lowe shows up. John tells the two to send Billy to his room so he can talk to her. After making contact Billy interviews John about what happened after he finished the killings.

John, Alex, Holden, and Scarlet went on the run and were having trouble finding food for Alex and Holden. They returned to the Hotel were they would have plenty of food and had Scarlet sent away to the same boarding school Will’s son was sent to. John was later shot and killed by the cops outside the hotel and failed to make inside before he died. Billy asks him about Alex and Holden but John refuses and Billy asks why she can only contact John on Devils Night and John offers to show her if she leaves the camera crew behind.

John takes Billy to the serial killers dinner where Billy is horrified and surprised by this. March then reveals himself and Billy reveals that she can feel all the spirits of the people March killed. It turns out that Billy was drugged by the drink John gave her and the John and the others threaten her to stop drawing attention to the Hotel. Billy initially refuses in spite of their threats she is finally persuaded when Ramona shows up and threatens to hunt her down if she continues drawing attention to the Hotel.

John then goes to his hotel room where he meets up with the ghosts(?) of Alex and Holden as well as a grown-up Scarlet. John expresses happiness to be reunited once again for another year as he climbs into bed with Alex and Holden and goes to sleep.

In the bar of the hotel Lady Gaga approaches a man that looks like Valentino and comments on his jawline which closes out the series.


So this was a pretty good episode, it was mostly just wrapping up all the storylines but it was pretty decent all the same. We got call backs to almost all the events and characters that appeared this season and got some lovely send offs for Liz and John. There were some things that didn’t get explained, like what happened to Alex and Holden but I didn’t mind it that much. A nice ending for the series.

As a whole this was probably my favorite season of the show. It took them five seasons but they finally figured out that the show is at it’s best when it’s just nonstop ridiculous action and batshit crazy characters. Also unlike all the other seasons, this one managed to ride it’s crazy high all the way to the very end and never really missed a beat. Hopefully next season can manage so be somewhat good next year.


  • So apparently this season was originally 13 episodes but they shortened it to 12 for whatever reason. Fine by me!!
  • Apparently Lady Gaga won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Film. Good for her I guess.
  • So where do we think that OJ Simpson show is going to fall on whether or not OJ did it?
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies looks interesting I guess.
  • As thanks for you all putting up with these reviews, I’ve given everyone a chance to pick the song of the week for the season finale and here’s what everyone picked:
  • Up first is BehindDarkGlasses suggestion: “Downtown” by Petula Clark
  • Next up is KatefromIowa with “Hotel California” by The Eagles.
  • Lastly for my suggestion we have “Applause” by Lady Gaga because we never got a musical number and a round of applause to us all because we survived another season.

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