Lucha Underground Season 2 Premiere

Just for the hell of it and because I liked it a lot, let’s review the season premiere of Lucha Underground:


We start off in a psychiatric institute where Vampiro is being interviewed by a psychiatrist about his current mental state after the events of Ultima Lucha. He tells the psychiatrist he’s fine although his flashbacks to his match with Pentagon Jr and an imagine spot where he kills the psychiatrist says otherwise. Nevertheless he is released from the institute where he is picked up by Matt Striker who tells him that they were both given an invitation to return to commentate for Lucha Underground again. However Striker warns Vampiro that the place has changed and has become far darker then it was before.

We then cut to Dario Cueto’s office in the Temple where Catarina has taken over. Fenix enters the office and tells Catarina that he wishes to cash in his Gift of the Gods Championship for a match against Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship. Catarina however tells him she will only give him the match if he’s still champion next week, telling him he has a match against King Cuerno who’s been hunting after Fenix for the Gift of the Gods Championship.

King Cuerno vs Fenix

We finally cut to the Temple Arena itself as Matt Striker and Vampiro formally welcome the audience back, as they’re doing this we get a view of Mil Muertes who’s had a new throne installed for himself as he watches as Cuerno and Fenix come down for their match.

Cuerno and Fenix have a very fast paced match where Fenix does a lot of high flying moves and Cuerno does a mix of high flying moves and strength based offense. They start trading pin attempts towards the end of the match with Fenix attempting a top rope maneuver that Cuerno dodges and counters with a new piledriver finish and gets the pin and the belt in the first match of the new season.

We cut to Team Havoc arriving at the Temple and demanding Catarina give them a rematch against the Disciples of Death for their Trios Championship Belts. Catarina refuses and instead tells the trio that they will be facing each other in a triple threat match for a chance at Mil’s Championship which they accept.

Ivelisse vs Son of Havoc vs Angelico

We get a fast paced match as all three combatants pull out some great high flying moves as they spend most of the match interrupting each others attempts to get the pin on each other before Ivelisse finally manages to incapacitate Son of Havoc and get the pin on Angelico securing her match against Mil.

We cut to the locker room where Cuerno is heading out for the night when Catarina appears and asks him he remembers their deal. Cuerno tells her she has nothing to fear from him and neither does Mil, but after she leaves Cuerno flashes a look that says otherwise. back in the ring Ivelisse along with Havoc and Angelico await Mil as he comes down to the ring. However when he shows up the Disciples of Death appears as well and attack and drag off Havoc and Angelico as Ivelisse is restrained from helping by Mil. Before the match starts we cut to another location where a van of guys are trying to find a Temple where underground fights are happening. Black Lotus appears and offers to show them where it is.

Mil Muertes vs Ivelisse

This match was basically a small combatant attempting and failing to combat a much larger opponent. Nevertheless Ivelisses managed to hold her for a while and even manages to get some good hits in before Catarina come in and attempts to distract Ivelisse. This doesn’t work and Catarina eats a spear from Mil which prompts him to hit Ivelisse with the Flatliner and get the pin.

After the match Catarina goes for the lick of Death on Ivelisse but changes her mind tells Mil to perform another Flatliner on her. He doesn’t get the chance to do so as Prince Puma appears and super kicks Mil and drags Ivelisse out of the ring. Then while Mil is distracted by this, Pentagon Jr. appears behind Mil and hits him with backcracker followed by him breaking Mil’s and him staring down Ivelisse and Puma to end the show.

Before it goes of the air though we cut back to Black Lotus as she leads the group of men from before to Dario Cueto who reveals he’s set up a new temple. One of the men insults Lotus which gets his ass kicked. Dario then has the men pay him before he let’s them into the Temple where they’re killed by Matanza to end the show.


So this was a great show, we had three terrific matches and we know what the idea for all three Championships are going forward as well as most of the stories of most of the people involved. We didn’t get a whole lot of follow up on the reveal of Vampiro being Pentagon’s dark master but since they kept focusing on Vampiro during the sequence where Pentagon appeared I suspect we’ll learn more about that later on. All in a great way to kick the new season of Lucha Underground.


  • So this review is probably going to be a one off since while I like wrestling I’m not that well versed in the technical side of things and If I did continue it would probably be to focus on the storylines themselves instead of the matches.
  • I really hope El Rey ends up on FIOs because tracking down episodes otherwise is super annoying.
  • Also Lucha Underground lost their deal with UniMas which while it was the Spanish broadcast of the show, was the only way to watch it on FIOs.

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