Luke’s first line in Episode VIII will be…

Spoilers from Force Awakens and Episode VIII (hopefully)

Force Awakens was a very enjoyable movie and I’ll freely admit it helped me recover my inner fanboy.

The end though… that was such a tease.

Rey arrives on a mysterious, watery world…she climbs up and sees a cloaked figure facing away from her.
The figure turns and we see it’s Luke!
She approaches and hands him his light saber.

I’m shivering with antici…..pation. This is going to be AWESOME!


I did NOT want the movie to end there. Much sads. Very no.

We’re all wondering what he’s going to say next…what secrets is he going to reveal?

Now that I’ve seen it, my hope is he’ll reveal that the entire series is far more awesome than any of us imagined.

This is what I hope he says.

That…that laugh right there. That lovely laugh.

After such an epic laugh, you just know whatever comes out of his mouth next will be excellent. Does he reveal what he’s learned about the Midi-chlorians right away? Does he reveal the secrets behind the plague that the force really is?

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