10 Strategies to Promote your Podcast show. Part 2!

The next 5 tips and strategies to help to promote your podcast show…

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And as promised from the last post, the next part of how to promote your “podcast” with the next 5 tips and strategies.

With some interesting facts below about the “podcast” industry, with some great insights, more on this in the next blog. This is based on numerous studies conducted by companies like Nielsen and Edison.

Up to 70% of Americans are Familiar with ‘Podcasting’

As high as 70% of the US population are ‘familiar’ with the ‘podcasting’ term. That’s roughly 329 million people…

165 Million People in the US Have Listened to a Podcast

Around 51% of the US population (approx. 165 million people) have listened to a podcast at some point in their life…

More facts and figures in the next blog…

6. Transcribe the audio:

A lot of very highly successful podcasts offer a full transcript of the entire podcast show. Would you rather have the full transcript? Or selected excerpts from your podcast show?

The transcript is great for SEO benefits and as a place to collect leads (you can add lead capture forms and links to your show notes page).

The Entertainment Engine hopes to capture some of these benefits while saving time and money from doing the full transcription.

The transcript is a great benefit for SEO and a place to collect leads (you can add lead capture forms and links to your show notes page).

The Entertainment Engine hopes to capture some of these benefits while saving time and money from doing the full transcription.

Try a service like Rev.com ($1/minute) or Fiverr ($5)

7. Throw a two-week rating party:

One of the most significant factors in driving a podcast up the charts in iTunes, Spotify, Google, (and into the New & Noteworthy section) is the rate at which you collect downloads and positive reviews in the first couple of weeks of your podcast launch.

You have eight weeks from when your podcast launches to get to New and Noteworthy. The first two weeks of these are especially crucial.

Here are a few party-planning components that can help make these first couple weeks after the podcast launch feels like an event:

  • Run giveaways (more on this below)
  • Throw a real party on launch day, either in-person or virtually via Facebook Live
  • Publish two weeks of podcast-themed blog content!
  • Switch out the email signatures on your personal email and on your team’s support emails
  • Get your teammates and company execs to post and tweet about it
  • Email 10 friends per day

8. Run a giveaway contest:

The allure of free goodies and discounts can be a powerful motivator to get more listens to your podcast.

And here’s the thing: Ask for a review on iTunes as part of the entry requirements for your giveaway. This will hopefully earn you more reviews, which will boost the social proof on your podcast and get iTunes to take notice of your podcast.

If you have the budget to allow for it, these might make some great giveaways:

And if you don’t quite have the budget:

  • Mention in the show notes
  • A shoutout at the end of the show
  • A 5-minute guest spot on the podcast

The best way to go about this is to simply kick off the contest either on social media or by mentioning it on the show. Ask people to leave an iTunes review in order to enter.

One of the tricky things with this is how to get in touch with someone who leaves a review.

There’s no straightforward answer way, but the good news is that most usernames now are a close enough approximation of someone else’s social media handle that you are likely to be able to find.

How to enter: Leave a review on iTunes

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

9. Find partners to mention you:

This strategy has roots in content marketing where there’s often a reciprocal effect when you mention a business in a blog post.

You’ll often find that business then mentions your post on their social media channels.

For podcasters and shows, it can work in a similar way. If you mention any businesses or brands in your episode, this provides an opportunity to reach out to those brands afterwards to give them the good news of being featured.

Mention brands in your podcast. They might just mention you back, you never know!

10. Be a guest on other people’s podcasts:

Just like a movie star or music artist, do the talk show circuit to promote a new film, song or, you can head out on a podcast tour and make guest appearances on podcasts in your niche, great idea!

Booking guests for regular, weekly podcast episodes can be a bit of a challenge.

We’re noticing just how much work this advanced planning can be as we fill out the interview calendar for the Entertainment Engine podcast.

Many podcasts are likely to appreciate the proactive outreach. Any podcasters who take you up on the offer will make for a great promotion opportunity for your new show, for sure…

Photo by ray sangga kusuma on Unsplash

Above are a few points on how to promote your podcast, if you haven't seen the first blog in this series, jump back to that one first, then come back to PART 2.

The blogs looked at some more interesting ways to share your podcast with the community — we are just about ready to launch the “Entertainment Engine” podcast, so hopefully, some of the above points will help us too on our journey.

Good luck with your podcast shows and let us all keep pushing the boundaries …

By Peter Moore



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