Evan Price Music industry Manager & CEO of Artist Collective dropped by for a Chat!

Helping to Build Profitable Music Brands That Attract Lifelong SuperFans, building a stronger future for the independent sector!

Pic: Evan Price CEO Artist Collective

Leading Music Education Resource ‘Artist Collective’ Tackles Music Industry Myths with Four-Pillared SuperFan Training Program

To learn more about our chat with Evan please click on the link below;

There’s no question that the music industry has seen vast changes since the top of 2020. Concerts shutdown.

These elements include working on brand identity, ways to reach out to your target audience, content strategy, and how to navigate income streams.

Focused primarily on helping artists to turn their part-time hobby into a full-time business, their efforts are backed up by several hard-hitting testimonials here.

Pic: Evan Price — CEO of Artist Collective

1- The simple path to turn strangers into SuperFans and SuperFans into profits

2- The real reason playlists and metrics don’t matter (as much as you think)

3- How to start making money from your existing fanbase (no matter how small)

4- The surprising reason you get streams on your music, but no real sales.

5- How to get out of your day job and make even more money with your music

The Number #1 Goal:

It’s time to bust industry myths as we head into a new chapter in 2021.



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