How do you become a professional footballer?

In a world where anything is possible — how difficult is it to become a professional footballer today?

Photo by Bertrand Gabioud on Unsplash

In this article, we provide some useful tips that will help you on your journey to becoming a Professional Footballer.

This is the dream of every young player to make it into the professional game, but is this just a dream or can it become a reality? — let's take a look…

1. Make football your #No-1 priority every day!

With a passion and commitment for the game to improve, the more hours you dedicate to the sport the more potential you have.

In today’s hugely competitive world of football, if you can’t give 100% you will simply be overtaken by those who can and will leave you behind!

Football is the world’s most popular sport so there is plenty of competition around to keep you on your toes.

Never lose sight of it that you truly have to love the game. You have to have a passion for it because if you don’t, you may simply become deterred when your performance as an individual or team drops form — you have to pick yourself up and go again, again and again!

2. Make sure you work on your fitness every single day.

If you work on your fitness every day you will vastly see your performance on the football pitch improve. This is what sets apart the players in a professional environment and those who are just having fun and kicking the ball around!

Professional players take their fitness very seriously and understand how it allows you to play at your peak performance for longer in each game.

When you aren’t playing football you should be working on your fitness and agility. Football requires great strength and agility, as well as fitness, so you should look to be improving both of these areas via structured exercises.

You should practice sprinting from zero. Great players should have the ability to accelerate to top speed to get the upper hand when challenging for the ball.

Photo by Gentrit Sylejmani on Unsplash

3. Join a local football club.

You will improve by being around other players in your age group. By taking your game more seriously it will also show to others around you that you are serious about the sport and want to play in a competitive environment.

It will be easier to find like-minded individuals who may have similar aspirations to yourself, making it easier to achieve your goals going forward.

4. Watch and follow professional players — to pick up some TOP tips.

This may be obvious as you’re likely to be already watching your favourite team, however, if you follow players that whom you share a position and see how they approach the game both on and off the ball, it can vastly improve your own game.

Notice how professional players change direction, decide when to attack and when to press etc. One example I can think off is the former Southampton FC player Francis Benali.

After 389 games with Southampton Francis, or Franny as he’s more affectionately known, is still a fans’ favourite today, thanks to his commitment to the club, hardworking attitude and ferocious, full-blooded tackles.

Many fans will remember Franny playing through injuries to help the team, including famously playing on with a broken arm!

“Francis Benali MBE — Southampton FC Legend is Coming to Medina Theatre on Saturday 25th June 2022”.

About the Event

This exclusive show will feature a VIP MEET & GREET, LIVE & UNSCRIPTED interview with the Southampton Legend, followed by a SPECIAL AUDIENCE Q&A.

Francis Benali will take to the stage to give you real-life insight into behind the scenes of his career, and his contribution to charity, including the Saints Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Provides great insight into how players may be thinking and give great in-depth analysis in a way that makes it easy to understand and learn from them.

Quote’s from Francis Benali’s autobiography;

“Anyone wanting an example of never being beaten should look at the incredible Francis Benali” — Alan Shearer

An Evening with Francis Benali MBE

5. Reflect on your performance on the pitch.

When you have many games under your belt it might be time to start reflecting on your game and your performance with your coaching team

If you look at your skills and attributes with honest reflection you will be able to determine what position suits you best going forward.

Look for your coaches’ feedback on how to choose your position and where on the pitch you may be best suited with your potential.

And of course lastly!

Becoming a professional player is not easy and is more competitive than ever! If you follow these tips and show passion when playing you never know what your next game may lead to.

Always remember that football scouts are looking for complete players that not only have the skills with the ball but also have the right attitude towards the game. This is very important.

But most importantly, enjoy your football and have fun when training and playing matches. Less than 1% of players make it into the professional game so don’t be deterred keep pushing forward to make your dreams come true…

By Pete Moore — Seamless Entertainment



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