Movie Print and Advertising (P&A), is this just all Smoke and Mirrors?

The world of film financing is a spiders web, so how does this actually work!

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The key elements of Prints and Advertising (P&A) that a distributor must consider at this stage are;

The quantity and production of release prints and movie trailers.

Press materials, clips reels, images, press previews, screener tapes.

The design and printing of posters and other promotional artwork.

Advertising campaign — locations, advert size and frequency.

For mainstream films, scale and high visibility is the key.

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The Press campaign and contracting a PR agency

Arranging visit by talent from the film

The volume of coverage can far outweigh the cost of talent visits.

Other preview screenings.

P&A financing is always “last in and first out” on the ROI (return on investment) for the movies waterfall.

After the P&A recoupment, its also a good idea to incentivize the producers and the talent residual pool.

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Minimum Guarantees cannot be paid out of the P&A financing. However, Guild residuals can be honoured as part of P&A financing structure.

The financing of the P&A then allows the Production Company to “pre-sell” to foreign markets.



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