Nemesis the Original Motion picture Soundtrack. Written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory & Talia Dean. Performed & Sung by Talia Dean as her latest single!

Available to download via all music platforms from 19th March 2021; iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify plus much more!

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Pic: Artwork for the title song Nemesis

Nemesis is an upcoming British thriller film. It is directed by James Crow and stars Billy Murray, Nick Moran, Frank Harper, Janine Nerissa Sothcott, Julian Glover, and Bruce Payne.

An underworld kingpin, John Morgan (Billy Murray), returns to London, triggering a cataclysm of violence, retribution, and murder.

Murray has stated that his character in the film, John Morgan, is in the mold of Johnny Allen, the character he played in the BBC soap opera Eastenders between 2005 and 2006.

The song “Nemesis” will be available from 19th March on all streaming platforms; Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, plus many more.

The film’s producer was looking for a great song to attach to the movie, which would create that strong feeling and desire within this tense thriller, it wasn’t long before the movie team found the right song and music production team to work with.

The producer then called upon legendary songwriter & producer Alan Glass with decades of experience, film & music credits already include; Aretha Franklin, Lighthouse Family, Liberty X, Kenny G to Another 48 hours, starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte to Virtuosity starring Denzil Washington and Kevin Spacey!

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“Nemesis” co-written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory & Talia Dean, is also performed by Talia Dean for the movie.

Alan then called upon his long-time writing partner singer-songwriter BeX (AKA Rebecca Gregory) out of the UK. BeX, debuted her album “Story So Far” back in 2017 which received great reviews from BBC, regional and community radio across the UK, the album was co-written with Alan and produced by Greg HaverManic Street Preachers, Melanie C & Tom Jones.

BeX and Alan have worked on numerous songs over the past years and this was not going to be any different with the level of experience and creativity the team has!

The production team had a vocalist & songwriter Talia Dean in place to perform the song Nemesis, she had the right vocal to lend to the track and the movie’s vibe!

Pic: Nemesis movie poster

The team in place was set to write that killer track for the theme song of the film “Nemesis”.

The song “Nemesis” was co-written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory & Talia Dean, which is also performed by Talia Dean for the movie.

Providing a strong engaging lyrical and production strength to this London gangster movie!

Shogun Films is a new, disruptive independent production company headquartered in London — but with a global reach — which is dedicated to making outstanding, high-octane, filmmaker-driven commercial movies in the action/thriller/crime space.

The company was founded by producer/actress Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott and industry veteran Jonathan Sothcott.

Entrepreneurs Danny Bear and Andrew Green round out the board. Filmmaker Adam Stephen Kelly acts as SVP.

The company has a strategic partnership with prolific US director/producer Daniel Zirilli and his Pop Art Film Factory outfit in Los Angeles.

Being a startup business with aspirations and significant long-term international growth prospects built on a foundation of exceptional knowledge and experience.

The team at Shogun is passionate about the industry and the people in it and is proud of the incredible British film heritage, yet the film company’s ambition is global the films are designed to have genuine international appeal.

The Shogun name and branding has been inspired by the great independent studios from the ’80s video boom era such as Cannon and Carolco, however, Shogun wants to be a new breed of film company; one that builds and fosters long-term relationships creatively as well as commercially; that becomes an incubator to the very best creative talent and an immediately identifiable brand that gives its audience that little bit more.

Compiling a great team with vision and energy is certainly a must in today’s world, but for me, you can’t just have that great script, a killer actor’s delivery, you also need that GREAT song within the movie soundtrack.

It’s the music that makes the film for me capturing the emotion and mode of the movie, the song — “Nemesis” certainly provides this feeling, co-produced and written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory, and Talia Dean.

The song “Nemesis” will be available from 19th March on all streaming platforms; Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, plus many more — so stay tuned for further updates

The music video for the film Nemesis, written by Alan Glass, Talia Dean & Rebecca Gregory, sung and performed by Talia Dean.

Nemesis Music Video

Principal photography began on 20 September 2020. The film is distributed, in the UK and Ireland, by Bulldog Film Distribution.

In the emerging post-coronavirus world, there is a genuine, significant gap in the market for high volumes of low-cost entertainment which can be produced and delivered expertly.

The first Shogun film, NEMESIS, was one of the first produced in the UK during the national lockdowns and is already a hot property in the international marketplace.

Parkland Pictures has acquired worldwide sales rights. Nemesis is released on DVD, digital, and video on demand on March 29, 2021.

I certainly love a good gangster movie and looking forward to seeing this one in the comfort of my sofa, a big bag of crisps, and a beer of course!

And don't forget to download your copy of the song!

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