On The Entertainment Engine podcast. We welcome Greek American Actor & Voice Over artist— Katie Chonacas…

With her current debut album Dreamland 11.11, to working with GLOBAL icons; Robert De’ Niro, Al Pachino, Nicolas Cage & Morgan Freeman plus much more!

Pic: Actor & Voice Over artist — Katie Chonacas

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show Hollywood actor, director & voice over artist — Katie Chonacas

Early life:

Growing up in the Detroit music underground scene Katie recall’s “knowing” to remember that it would be some of the most preciously precarious moments of her life that would lead and be a part of something BIG, something magical, something bigger.

When Katie was 17, Bad Boy Bill was playing at an epic special show in Chicago she knew she HAD to go.

Grabbing her teenage Greek BFF at the time, Christina Helena, everybody called her Tina back then, said “we are going on a road trip” and she stood right by me with NO question at all.

This is when she heard and had to befriend DJ Bad Boy Bill — The world’s leading legendary House DJ from Chicago.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Katie, just click on the link below;

Gratefully BBB was very cool and we stayed in touch. DJ Bad Boy Bill held a special place in Katie's heart as, during those times, she knew there was a special connection, music, and with her journey as an artist, as a DJ.

Going on her journey, travelling the world writing poetry, meeting people, exploring culture, working as an actor, a model, being a social butterfly, getting lost in the world, and having a deep love for music.

Chonacas worked with 19 legendary A-list stars in just one year alone including; Al Pachino, Robert De Niro and Nicolas Cage… WOW!

In 2016 she decided to take a DJ music course in LA. It was a one year program, where she learned the ins and outs” of what it meant to be a DJ, what kind of DJ she was to become, how to brand, the ability to explore, research different ways to create the music.

Discovering a voice and place that was of the highest self, my greatest good, and of the overall greater good.

WOW, with all that being said during the beginning of the pandemic, Katie pivoted and put together the collection of beats that created as a female producer, DJ.

There were 22; the first one she released on 10–20–2020 with numbers in mind for that specific date as she is a numbers girl!

Pic: Actor & Voice Over artist — Katie Chonacas

Film projects:

Katie Chonacas is an international actress, who made her first on-screen network television appearance in 2001.

Gracing the silver screens ever since Chonacas has globalized network television landing roles on top television series such as CBS’s CSI: NY, Cold Case, FX Network’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order SVU to name a few.

Chonacas also excelled in the movie, she booked supporting roles in movies with Al Pacino, Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro, Jessica Simpson, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Cage & David Arquette…

Producing her whole life and professionally since 2007, currently Chonacas is producing a web series titled Couples Therapy under her created brand, The Sophisticated Psychos which is currently on its 3rd season.

The Sophisticated Psychos, a duo consisting of Katie and Nicky, produced the series, Couples Therapy. They collaborated closely, with Katie as director and Nicky as editor and music director.

Their inventiveness culminated in this series, which won the viewers’ hearts with its delightful humour.

Couples Therapy, an international award-winning best improv comedy online series, dominated various film festivals with its mission of helping couples and people in navigating the dating scene amid the pandemic.

Couples Therapy is a family-friendly online series starring the power couple Katie Chonacas and Nicky Scorpio, with the assistance of their therapist, played by Alessandra Levy.

The series follows the adventure of a couple living and working together in an NYC condo during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Katie Chonacas has been producing since the age of 14.

Eventually, the series was acclaimed by International film festivals, and it received over 20 awards, including Best Web-Series / New Media, Best Director, Best Actor/Actress, and Best Editor. Cannes World Film Fest, Mindfield Film Festival, Virgin Spring Cinefest, and others are among the film festivals participated.

Pic: Actor & Voice Over artist — Katie Chonacas


A working professional voice-over actor in the entertainment industry. Katie specializes in cartoon animation voices with her branded name Cartoon Katie.

Katie brought to life characters such as Soup from Minecraft: Story Mode — Season 2, Georgia as Nancy Drew’s best friend. Katie has a raspy golden voice in voiceovers such as Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore.

Music — Dreamland 11.11

Rooted in Greek Orthodox tradition, Saint Kyriaki draws its name from the Great Martyr, Saint Kyriaki. She goes by the nom de plume Katie Chonacas, a household name in the Hollywood film and TV industry.

Dreamland 1111, Saint Kyriaki’s debut album, was released on her birthday, 11.11.

Magically aligned with a spiritual presence, the album is influenced by language as an artistic expression of creative filmmaking to convey colours, celebrate other artists and the divine femininity of all genders.

It was a great chat with Katie, and looking forward to seeing how the next 12 months develops with her voice over and current music projects!

By Pete Moore — Seamless Entertainment



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