Qualities To Look For In A Good Music Manager — Part 1…

Key areas to look for in a music manager what do you need to look for and why?

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Now that you’ve got a solid band or artist, and some songs to back you up it’s time to look for a manager.

Of course, you could try managing your band, but if you want to get places and make money, searching for a good music manager is essential.

The band manager’s responsibilities include financial planning, publicity and marketing, and acting as your adviser in all band/artist-related business ventures.

There are many qualities you can look for when looking for an excellent manager — someone who will stand by your band and help you find success within the music & entertainment industry.


When you’re first starting you may come across or be approached by potential managers looking to get into the music business.

While it’s always great to help a friend out, you need someone with the experience and knowledge of how to make it in the music business.

Music management covers everything from booking your tours to making sound business decisions, choosing your label to help you pick out the right songs to put on an album, and everything in between.

Check your potential manager’s roster and experience, and see what other artists they’ve managed or are currently managing.

Ask a lot of questions about their plans and aspirations for your band make sure they’re not just talking themselves up to do your due diligence.

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Your music manager will take care of nearly everything for you, from transportation to bookings, shows, PR, legal, etc.

Choose someone you feel good about, and know that you can trust with your career. If you’re not 100 per cent sure, keep looking. The trust factor has to be mutual for this relationship to work.

Some of this you can rely on gut instinct, and some of it you can attribute to the above category: ‘experience’.

Ask yourself if this is the person you’d trust to run your life for you, transport you around the world, and book-packed shows. Do they seem humble, but able to stand their ground against pushy salespeople and promoters?.

See how they conduct other business relationships.


Your manager will act at times as part of the band, helping you to pick songs for the album as well as marketing your product! You want someone excited to be there and is interested in the music you’re making.

Your music manager’s input, especially if they have experience in the business, can be essential in getting radio play or press coverage this in its self can help break the band/artist.

A great manager wants to be there with you every step of the way, kind of like a dad, in a way.

If you have landed on part 1 and would like to read part 2 then you can check out the link here.

This article will give other key attributes to a good music manager, which will include — being a good human being.

By Peter Moore



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Peter Moore

Peter Moore


Peter has lived in New York, Los Angeles and London working in the music, film and TV industries for over three decades helping creators realize their vision.