Qualities To Look For In A Good — Music Manager — Part 2…

Be well organised, excellent with people, and have a very all-around understanding of the music industry today.

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Continuing from my last blog, to be a good music manager you need to be organised, excellent with people, and have a very all-round understanding of the music industry today.

Your basic role is to bring together the people and projects which meet the goals of the artist and their record company to help projects reach commercial success…

Let’s look at some further points, at what makes a good “music manager”

Being Well-Connected:

This can tie into the experience. A music manager with good connections in the music industry will not only get your career going faster but will also lend to better publicity, and ins for live performances including festivals.

They should be able to find you a studio, a booking agent, a PR rep, or a gig without any wasted time.

Someone with good connections and this means good connections and not just being able to rattle off a list of names, will be able to find you opportunities you would not be able to find yourself, so think very carefully about this.

A Good Human Being:

This factor can often be overlooked when choosing a music manager. Someone who is a good human being is liked by people and is accessible and approachable signifies a person who will be trustworthy and reliable.

Oftentimes a band manager will step in and act as the cheerleader, psychiatrist, and shoulder to cry on, and someone who does this well will make your whole team feel closer.

A close-knit team is solid and can withstand hardships to push on to success.

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Financially Responsible:

Pick a manager who knows how to handle finances, above all else. Many, many bands have unfortunately lost a lot of money because of irresponsible financial management.

This includes everything from signing with a label to touring and recording expenses, to their own cut in your income.

A music manager makes their money from part of your income. If you don’t see any money, then they shouldn’t either. Do not get wheeled and dealt into some contract that offers them more than you receive, this is NOT good business.

Firm Business Person:

The experience will bring a manager knowledge of how to make sound and profitable business decisions. Personal traits, education, and good business instincts may be the difference between your band making it or breaking up.

Make sure your manager is not a pushover or has the overeager need to please — unless it’s you they’re dealing with. Choose a manager who knows how to get what they want, where they want, and when they want it.

Negotiation skills are key. Above all, you want a manager who will work with you and has your best interests at heart.

This can be a lifelong relationship, so think of your manager like family.

How will they fit in and lead your group to success? By looking for these seven essential traits and skills you’ll be on your way to not only making great music but great music that everyone hears…

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Let's recap on the key points on what a band/artists should look for;

1: Experience

2: Trustworthiness

3: Enthusiasm

4: Well-Connected

5: A Good Human Being

6: Financially Responsible

7: Firm Business Person

The two blog series is to give bands and artists some information to help them choose a new or even their next music manager.

I wish you great success on your continued journey within the entertainment industry!

By: Peter Moore



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Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Peter has lived in New York, Los Angeles and London working in the music, film and TV industries for over three decades helping creators realize their vision.