Seamless Entertainment presents -Live at Medina Theatre June 25th-An Evening with Francis Benali MBE — Hosted by Presenter Kenzie Benali…

Speaking about his playing days against Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and David Beckham to pundit work with BT & Sky Sports to the “Iron man” challenges raising over £1m for Cancer Research UK…

Photo credit: Six Point Media — Francis Benali MBE

This wasn't one of those days, the event “An Evening with Francis Benali” from start to finish ran extremely well!

The VIP experience:

‘’The evening went down really well in a relaxed environment’’

Photo credit Six Point Media — Francis Benali MBE & Host Kenzie Benali

Playing career:

Q&A with Francis:

Who was the toughest opponent? What was your pre-match meal? Who was the best manager you played for? What advice would you give young players today?

Silent auction for — Wessex Cancer Trust:

Photo credit: An Evening with Francis Benali — Hosted by presenter — Kenzie Benali

That’s a Wrap:

This must have take him back to his playing days at Southampton FC old homeground The Dell, with the supporters chanting in his ears.

About Francis Benali MBE:

Many fans will remember Franny playing through injuries to help the team, including famously playing on with a broken arm!



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