Some Top Tips for Good Business Meeting etiquette!

Ensure your business meetings run smoothly by following some business guidelines and useful tips on how to hold effective meetings…

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We’ve all experienced a ‘bad’ business meeting. They come in many shapes, forms and scenarios!

There are those where attendees show up 15 minutes late, those with an unclear purpose, and again there are those you don’t even feel you need in the room!

Middle management spends around 35% of their time in meetings. Upper management uses a staggering 50%. Why is that? Could it be that we’re trying to do too many things?

Or are we scheduling meetings simply out of habit, just to look busy?

Whatever the reason, it’s a lot of time is spent trying to bounce ideas, solve problems, trying to, get something done. All meetings require a successful strategy.

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Before a business meeting starts!

What’s the most important thing to consider before a meeting? Come prepared. Not just you, the organizer, but the attendees as well. The benefits are huge when you work smart and are well prepared.

1. Do you really need this business meeting?

Not everything can be resolved in a meeting. Perhaps you don’t even need to schedule the meeting at all?

That’s why the first and most important rule is to have a specific purpose before scheduling a meeting. If you don’t have a purpose, don’t schedule a meeting.

Can the matter be resolved via email or a quick call?

2. Only invite necessary people to attend!

Include only the people who are relevant to the discussion or have a say in the matter. Inviting too many people who are not directly involved isn’t just wasting their time, it’s wasting everyone else’s as well.

We all communicate in different ways, just as we learn and engage in different ways too.

3. Choose the right time for the meeting

Organizing around multiple time zones or even just a bigger office space can be daunting. Ultimately, it’s hard to please everyone.

Try to be conscientious of the fact.

This affects the time of the meeting, but also the energy in the respective rooms, and the engagement with whoever is presenting. It’s not something you can change, but it’s something you should be mindful of.

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4. Choose the right meeting room…

Choose the meeting room applicable for the number of people, supplies, and type of meeting you’re having.

Not only does the room have to fit the session you’re about to have, but it also needs to meet the requirements for the right type of equipment too.

5. Send an official invite to all…

You can’t expect people to show up on time if there is no set date and time booked in their calendar. Make sure to send an official invite in advance via your preferred calendar service.

I will look to cover some more tips on business etiquette, in future articles...

By Pete Moore — Seamless Entertainment



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