The DO’S & DON’TS — On How to Approach Music Supervisors & Music Consultants!

The music industry changes daily, are you ready to take your game to the next level or are you going to be left behind?

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OK, are you an artist/songwriter or band, and curious about how to contact a music supervisor or music consultant?

You must Do your research

This helps them get deals done more quickly and efficiently, with very little fuss.

Take advantage of the subject line for the film, game, or TV show

Make music that’s authentically yours — DO NOT COPY WHAT'S OUT THERE!

If your music comes from the heart, your odds for success will greatly improve, I assure you it will!

Photo by Tim Toomey on Unsplash

Try and have a unique presentation, this sets you apart from the COMPETITION.

Often, it is an email with a generic heading, with a link to a YouTube video or a SoundCloud file.

Be very polite, but with some GOOD persistence AND DETERMINATION.

It is a small world, after all. No need to burn any bridges is there.

Do NOT contact music supervisors who don’t want to be contacted.



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Peter Moore

Peter has lived in New York, Los Angeles and London working in the music, film and TV industries for over three decades helping creators realize their vision.