The Entertainment Engine podcast Welcomes Actor, Writer & Producer — Jim Piddock to the show!

For more than four decades, Jim has navigated the turbulent waters of Broadway and Hollywood as an actor and a writer…

Actor, Writer & Producer — Jim Piddock

On The Entertainment Engine podcast show this week, we welcome our next guest, writer, producer & actor Jim Piddock…

In the beginning:

Jim Piddock is an actor, writer, and producer, who began his career on the stage in England, before emigrating to the U.S. in his early twenties.

He made his theatrical debut in the U.S. in “The Boy’s Own Story”, a one-man show about a soccer goalkeeper, at the Julian Theatre in San Francisco. The show was an instant success with critics and audiences, winning Jim the Bay Area Critics’ Best Actor Award.

The show was then produced Off-Broadway and he quickly gained the attention of the New York theatre scene.

That same year (1982), he was cast in Noel Coward’s “Present Laughter” by George C. Scott, who directed/starred in the revival, which also featured Nathan Lane, Christine Lahti, Dana Ivey, and Kate Burton.

“Caught with My Pants Down is an absolute classic. I laughed out loud so many times I was more out of breath than after playing ninety minutes of football.

A truly wonderful read!” — Mark Bright

The show was a big hit on Broadway and Piddock soon found himself appearing in a string of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, including the original US production of “Noises Off”, “The Knack” at the Roundabout Theatre, and “Make and Break” with Peter Falk at the Kennedy Center.

Photo by Thea Hdc on Unsplash


Jim has appeared in his first movie in the top-grossing film of 1989, “Lethal Weapon 2”, in which one of his lines, “But…you’re black” in answer to Danny Glover’s request to emigrate to South Africa, became a catchphrase for the film.

Other feature film roles soon followed, including notable appearances in “Independence Day”, “Traces Of Red”, “Multiplicity”, “Burn Hollywood Burn”, “Austin Powers 3”, “A Different Loyalty”, “Love For Rent”, “See This Movie”, “Love For Rent”, “The Prestige”, “Epic Movie”, “Who’s Your Caddy?”, “The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising”…

“A brilliant and colourful ride and romp through Hollywood from one of the business’s funniest men. Honest, witty, and quite simply a great read.” — Ross King MBE

To listen to the chat we had with Jim, just click on the link below;

In the '90s:

In 1990, Jim Piddock began another career as a writer, selling his first spec screenplay, co-written with Margaret Oberman.

Since then, he has pursued parallel careers as an actor, writer, and producer, has had a diverse collection of films made, crossing all genres, such as “Traces Of Red” (Samuel Goldwyn Company), “One Good Turn”, “A Different Loyalty” (starring Rupert Everett and Sharon Stone), New Line’s “The Man” (starring Samuel Jackson and Eugene Levy), and “The Tooth Fairy” (which he also produced) for Fox, starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Billy Crystal, Steven Merchant, and Julie Andrews

“Jim Piddock has written a book, good for him. Jim hangs around in Los Angeles and goes to parties at Eric Idle’s house, where lots of famous folk ask him what he does for a living. I have always liked him, he makes me feel very famous.

People feel sorry for him because he Jim Piddock supports Crystal Palace, who help to make up the numbers in the English Premier League.” — Sir Billy Connolly CBE

Jim Piddock — Caught with My Pants Down

Latest project — Caught with Pants Down:

Jim Piddock has navigated the turbulent waters of Broadway and Hollywood as an actor and a writer.

“Jim is in his element as he takes the reader on a glorious adventure in acting (and football), peppered with wisdom, cautionary tales, and endless good humour.” — Susanna Reid

In this highly entertaining and witty account of his journey from a small village in England to the heady heights of the Hollywood Hills, he pulls back the curtain-with remarkable honesty and humour — to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

“This book is so much fun! Laugh out loud funny, warm, self deprecating, and hugely entertaining.” — Jane Leeves

But underneath this lighthearted, irreverent romp through the world of show business-and Jim’s involvement with Crystal Palace Football Club in his spare time-lie some deeper reflections and the incisive conclusions on what the real meaning of family is, how to make destiny-defining choices, and the importance of living life to the fullest.

“Jim Piddock is a sharp, witty, and erudite man. Head to head with Shakespeare, most critics have said Jim would win in a knife fight. I like his style.” — Eddie Izzard

In 2007, Jim’s reputation as one of the UK’s most notable exports was confirmed at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, when he co-starred with Billy Connolly, Tim Curry, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Emily Mortimer, and Tracey Ullman in Eric Idle’s theatrical event special “What About Dick?”.

The show was revived in 2012, and filmed for DVD release, at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, with the addition of Russell Brand and Sophie Winkleman to the cast.

Jim lives in the Hollywood Hills and is currently working on several projects that he will write/produce, some of which he will also appear in.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Jim thoroughly enjoyed the chat, and we are looking forward to continuing our read of — “Caught With My Pants Down”…..

By Pete Moore & Rebecca Gregory— Seamless Entertainment



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