The Entertainment Engine podcast, welcome’s Music Promoter & Co-Founder of Black Deer Festival- Gill Tee!

From Capital Radio to promoting Party in The Park for the Prince’s Trust, Bob Dylan, Prince, Neil Young and her NEW venture “The Black Deer” Festival…

Music & festival promoter — Jill Tee

Early days:

Gill started her music career at Capital Radio, one of the largest commercial radio stations in London. Her role at the start was to promote ‘on air’, music events and festivals for the leading UK promoters of the time.

Gill took the massive step of leaving a secure job at Capital to start her own events business, Entertee.

Gill was determined to go it alone but was persuaded by Deb Shilling, whom she had worked with at Capital that having a business partner would be more fun, so she and Debs set about finding an office.

Black Deer Festival — June 2022

This gave a great start to the new business and gave Gill the financial stability to take the opportunity to really learn how to ‘build worlds’ from nothing.

Debs left Entertee after 4 years to start a family and move to the West Country, but Gill continued to build the business, securing a long term contract with Capital Radio to run all of their regional Party in the Parks.

During the 23 years of Entertee, Gill has produced many high-profile events, all over the UK.

New opportunity:

Sitting alongside the event production business, In 2004, realising there was a gap in the market, Gill co-founded Entertee Hire with her son Reece.

To listen to the podcast chat with Gill Tee just click on the link below;

Promoting world-class festivals:

In 2009, she was asked by one of the UK’s top promoters, Vince Power, to produce a new festival in Kent, the Hop Farm Festival. There she learned first-hand the ups and downs of producing a festival from scratch.

Gill has now come full circle from producing festivals in her radio days for other promoters, to becoming a promoter and festival owner herself.

Using all the experience gained from her many years in the industry, she has applied this to the first-ever Black Deer, a festival of Americana, which she co-founded with Deb shilling.



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