The Entertainment Engine podcast Welcomes Television personality, Recording Artist, Writer and Producer — Zarah…

ZARAH (pronounced as ZAY-rah) is also a trained actress and an accomplished recording artist who performed with rock bands like Goo Goo Dolls!

Television personality, Recording Artist, Writer & Producer — Zarah

On The Entertainment Engine podcast show this week, we welcome our next guest, television personality, recording artist, writer & producer— Zarah

About Zarah:

Her flair for edutainment utilizing music had inspired teens through her various media platforms of educational excellence programs namely her nationally syndicated television show B InTune TV.

She is the co-founder of B InTuneCARES — a global media initiative for youth which focuses on edutainment to help advance music and arts education in conjunction with the United Nations and its humanitarian efforts.

ZARAH is also a trained actress and an accomplished recording artist who performed with rock bands like Goo Goo Dolls…

Based out of Los Angeles but originally born in Manila, the Philippines, ZARAH’s love for story-telling did not come to fruition until her adult life.

Searching for a better avenue to turn to as a growing artist, she wrote her first lyrics as a songwriter when she was fourteen and it was self-evident that she had secretly fallen for creative writing.

Book — Diamonds are for Cocktails — Zarah

Diamonds are For Cocktails:

In a setting that permeates a decadent lifestyle, a palatial chateau sprawls across the sun-kissed French Riviera coastline in the Principality of Monaco.

Ever glamorous Camille Rogers, the adopted French sole heiress to a vast multi-billion-dollar jewellery empire seems to have it all.

Her life — as it turns out — is nothing more than a fantastical illusion. Childhood best friend James Hughes offers solace and fortitude.

Hence, the worldly pair becomes the most celebrated couple fascinating many eyes in high societies including the top elites in the Hollywood circle and the dreamers.

Then random people disappear lured by a notorious ‘FBI Most Wanted’ killer out on a hunting spree.

Pressure mounts on the stellar Agent Joe Carlton back in Washington, DC — a full investigation springs open. James gets the surprise of his lifetime; Camille’s past comes back to hunt her.

Will James cross the Rubicon this time? Or will Camille’s world be forever lost in darkness?​

To listen to the full podcast chat with Zarah just click on the link to discover more;

The Movie:

Wealth. Beauty. Glamour. Power. Based on the glamorous novel, Diamonds are For Cocktails is a character-driven murder mystery-thriller about an adopted French diamond heiress Camille Rogers who finds solace and fortitude through her childhood best friend James Hughes — all under the seductive playground of the beguiling French Riviera.

Camille immerses herself deep into her uniquely-creative, intoxicating world of utter bliss and sheer glory. Slowly emerging back one day, she reinvents herself and grows up to be more powerful than ever…

It was a real pleasure to speak with Zarah on the show, and looking forward to reading the book and seeing the movie on the silver screen!

By Pete Moore & BeX Gregory — Seamless Entertainment



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