This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast. We welcome Comedian, Podcaster & Actor — Jonesy…

Seen on Gotham (Fox) Season 1, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Letterman Show (NBC) plus much more!

Comedian, Actor & Podcaster — Jonesy

To kick off our podcast season for 2022. On The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show comedian, actor & podcaster Jonesy

Jonesy is an actor-comedian known for roles on Gotham, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the Letterman Show.

He’s performed comedy on both coasts and his stand-up comedy style is a blend of autobiographical stories and 21st-century cultural critiques delivered with East Coast attitude.

Jonesy has participated in the New York Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and Laugh Riots.

His standup comedy is a blend of unrelated personal grievances delivered with an East Coast edge.

Throughout the pandemic, Jonesy has continued to host and produce his 5 day/week podcast called Weird AF News, which can be heard on any podcast player.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Throughout the pandemic — Jonesy’s thoughts?

Jonesy has been recording his podcast show, Weird AF News, which is almost daily. Do you think it would be easy to record a podcast in isolation?

Well, not when you just moved into a new apartment and you have a roommate. No doubt she’s wondering what the hell is going on when I sit inside my closet five days a week and yell and scream into a microphone.

And the subject matter of Weird AF News no doubt makes her wary. Just last week I covered a story about a guy in Florida that stole all the pool floats from his neighbours’ pools and took them home to have sex with.

I followed that up with a story about a lady that married the ghost of a dead 17th-century pirate.

What's Jonesy’s favourite food and drink throughout the pandemic?

His favourite meal during quarantine has been cold soba noodles. Have you had cold soba, reader? You haven’t? Well, you know how most people eat their noodles hot?

If you live in a hot ass environment like Southern California, you might not find it very satisfying to raise a steaming hot bowl to your steamy hot face. Although you WANT noodles! (aka noods).

In those instances, you should avail yourself of some refreshing cold soba. It’s chilled noods made from buckwheat flour and served with a soy sauce-based dipping sauce called tsuyu.

TOP TIP: The louder you make your slurping sound as you eat the noodles, the more respect you get from the OG’s.

So what is the plan when the pandemic is over Jonesy?

I will resume my training for the Wiffleball World Series which takes place every summer in Waltham Massachusetts, on a field that’s a replica of Fenway Park.

Now some of my friends think it’s rather silly that I take Wiffleball so seriously. My mom has always thought this. After all, it’s a child’s game featuring plastic bats and balls.

For those of you that THINK this is a kid’s sport, I implore you to watch some professional Wiffleball Youtube videos, especially from the Goldensticks Wiffleball League.

Then come tell me this is a child’s game…. punk.

Check out the chat we had with Jonesy just click on the link below;

It was certainly a great conversation with Jonesy, a really interesting and fun career to date! We look forward to catching up with him again in 2022 with more conversations and laughs along the way!

By Pete Moore



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