This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome Multi-Platinum Music producer — Victor Merritt...

Victor work over the years has included working with the iconic artists; Diana Ross, Brownstone, BabyFace, Kirk Franklin, K-CI & JOJO, Bobby Brown, Rome, 3T, U2 and countless others…

Legendary Music Producer — Victor Merritt

In his high school yearbook, Victor wrote, “Music is My Life”. Grammy-nominated super producer Victor “Vino” Merritt is a humble, living legend, in the flesh.

He has added to the hit lists of music talents such as BabyFace, Kirk Franklin, Brownstone, K-CI & JOJO, Bobby Brown, Rome, 3T, Trinitee 5:7, U2 and countless others.

Legendary Music producer — Victor Merritt

Victor has been responsible for over 20+ million record sales worldwide.

Early Life:

Listen to the full conversation with Victor click on the link below…

Since that time, Victor’s discography reads like a Who’s Who of Hit Music.

In addition, his remix of U2’s “If God Will Send His Angels” in 2000, assisted with U2’s, radio-ready strategy. .

Photo by Tyson Moultrie on Unsplash

Film contribution:

Among them are the films “Woo”, “How to Be a Player”,” RUG RATS”, “Bulworth”, “Tales From The Hood” and “Blank-Man”.



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