Tony James Host of the “Jumbo” Podcast show chats with Pete Moore from Seamless Entertainment & The Entertainment Engine podcast!

Chatting about donuts, football, entertainment, and all in between-and the Blobbie Williams Parody/Tribute show…

Pic: Tony James

I was recently invited to be a guest on the — “ Jumbo podcast” show. So I got comfortable with a nice cup of coffee, some biscuits sat back and had a great chat with the host and owner of the show — Tony James.

Tony has been entertaining audiences on and off stage since he was 13 years old! Working his way around the UK and Europe from working men's clubs, night-clubs, corporate events, theatres, holiday parks, and many TV appearances along with 12 years on the radio presenting every slot there is!

“A Day Without Comedy, Is A Day Wasted”- Charlie Chaplin

With many years as a radio presenter, Tony is now concentrating more on television presenting and acting and touring with his solo act Blobbie Williams show that comes performed to playback or with a full live band!

After winning the TV show ‘Come Dine With Me’ Tony was then invited on to the ‘Fern Show’ as a guest and performed with his band ‘Take Fat’ who did an interview for OK! Magazine, appeared on CBBC tv show the Slammer, and have managed to hit the national radio and newspaper headlines on several occasions!

Tony was then on Sky1 tv show ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ along with taking Fat hosted by Amanda Byram & Chris Moyles where we won the show!

Tony has also appeared on Five Minutes To A Fortune with Davina McCall and was on Deal or No Deal where he won a massive five-pound!

Pic: Tony James

We hit it off well and started to speak about the LIVE sector, from selling records to how you build a festival, pro-football, coffee, and DONUTS, touring all came into the conversation.

I have listened to Tony's show a few times and it just made me smile, with some great information and FUN all the way and I learned more about his stage show…

Blobbie William, which was really funny, here’s a little more info for you:

Blobbie Williams is the most original and respected Parody/Tribute to the ultimate entertainer Robbie Williams and is officially back after Lockdown but this time ‘Bigger’ & better than ever!

Blobbie has fast become a friend to the stars after performing alongside many household names in the Music & TV industry.

With interviews and appearances from Hollywood to Australia, New York to Brazil, and everywhere in-between, Blobbie really is a Global Icon!

Whilst filming for a CBBC tv show at Elstree Studios, the Director stopped filming and said “Sorry, I worked with Robbie just the other week, you look and act the same and it’s freaking me out!” High praise indeed!

He’s made an appearance in the Keith & Paddy Picture Show on ITV with Keith Lemon, Paddy McGuinness, and the man himself Robbie Williams when they recreated the hit movie Ghostbusters.

Robbie Williams himself says “I love you to make a living impersonating me, I’m a big fan of yours, you’re a beautiful man!”.

While his wife Ayda thinks Blobbie looks eerily like her husband and it’s like looking into the future! Even Simon Cowell himself said that he will never forget Blobbie and he’s a very good-looking man… Obviously!

Supporting stars like Olly Murs, The Human League, and Shane Richie amongst many others, Blobbie will take you on his rollercoaster of songs.

So, be prepared to go crazy as you sing, dance and belly laugh along with all your favorites like ROCK DJ, LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU & CANDY through to the classic ANGELS.

The podcast community is certainly moving forward, and speaking with Tony over a coffee was great fun, podcasting is certainly a great medium to be able to promote your message to the community, and working with great shows like Tonys, this is all very encouraging for the future!

Looking forward to the year ahead, with the podcast community moving in the right direction with some “exciting” times to come for sure.

To learn more about what we do at Seamless Entertainment & The Entertainment Engine click on the link to find out more…

Pete Moore



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