Why you shouldn’t start a podcast show — Really?

Is podcasting for everyone? But wait you're thinking… “this is NOT the title of the article”

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It's true — the internet is entirely free for everyone to create anything they want and believe they can make a success with their projects and ideas!

As big as the podcast industry is, several new entrants, venture into the industry because they are fascinated by the outcome and revenue established shows make in the podcast world…

The industry is BIG that 57% (118 million) of the United States population listened to a podcast in September 2021, and over 22% are weekly podcast listeners.

You wouldn’t understand this number until you hear that in the 2000s when podcasting started gaining popularity…

But however, in 2021, 78 per cent (222 million) of Americans listen to a podcast — that’s a 3% increase from last year — and more than one-third (104 million) of the population listen to podcast shows regularly.

1. If you are looking to get rich overnight without putting in the work to your show— which can take years then think again!

Just because you hear people making money from something this doesn’t mean you have to do it — as well.

You will be surprised to know that as lucrative as the podcast industry is, not many people are making a living off it even though there are so many shows…

2. You shouldn’t start a podcast show if you are not sure of your audience!

You need to do the work of locating your audience. There’s never one content that fits everyone.

You need to know who your show appeals to, and you should be able to appeal to your audience as it would do you no good to hope that you will learn that as you start recording.

  • Who are you speaking to — and why?
  • Why are you speaking to them — what's the message?
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3. Don’t start a podcast show if you are not bringing anything of value to the table…

We have seen so many people copy other people’s styles because other people’s shows are popular in the market.

Now, I’m here to tell you that is a bizarre and strange idea.

This is not to say that you might not create a great show or that you may not have the voice or personality to go with it— plus this is to say that the show wouldn’t have much value in the ears of people who already listen to the show.

Many listeners have listened to so many podcast ideasunique ideas. Make sure yours isn’t one of the many podcasts that copied or regurgitated someone else’s idea, this would do your show more bad than good — that's for sure!

4. If you think it's going to be easy, then you need to think again...

I have met people who seem to believe podcasts are just all talk. They believe that since they like to talk, they could suddenly start a podcast show and be successful overnight!

They believe they don’t need any other skill, regardless of how little effort thye put in…

If you are thinking like this person, ladies and gentlemen, then podcasting is definitely not for you. To be an excellent podcaster and create great shows, you need to learn new skills to build your show.

For example, podcasting takes time and effort to record, edit, promote, and build an audienceyou need to know how to edit, how to write scripts, and how design artwork, and that’s just to mention a few points — its a long road!

You need to study your area thoroughly, and you MUSIT convince listeners to want to listen and tune to your show, every week, month etc

I'll be back with more points on why you shouldn’t start a podcast show in the weeks to come…

By Pete Moore



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