Starting A Podcast: Ambition Today

Ambition Today Podcast

This has been a few years coming. I have listened to podcasts for years and I have been wanting to teach myself how to create one for some time now. I had spent some time with friends who podcasted, shout out to the Maxamoo podcast, and saw what it took first hand to create a high quality audio show. I can now say I am very excited to be learning how to create my new podcast show.

It is called Ambition Today and to be honest it has been a learning curve but it has been a lot of fun so far.

Ambition Today is a podcast show discussing with other entrepreneurial people what it means to achieve success, grow your startup, try to change the planet for the better, and go after your dreams, in todays modern world.

While working as the Regional Director for the Founder Institute with new and launching startups in New York I come across many ambitious people who are battling or have battled impossible odds to try and manifest something they truly believe needs to exist in the world. I will begin to introduce you to some of these incredible people. We will talk about their journey, the news, how to help you the listener, and more. The first few episodes are up and you can find them here on, the home of Ambition Today.

Also, be sure to subscribe to Ambition Today in the iTunes Store for iOS and on Stitcher for Android.