Tales of an Entrepreneur!

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories, and magic.”

-Seth Godin

Are you willing to be an Entrepreneur?

Are you willing to go on the Shark Tank or the Elevator pitch and actually be able to pitch your idea?

Have you identified the problem you want to solve?

Have you identified the solution to that problem?

If the answer to all the above questions is a big YES then you’re somewhere near the goal but there is still a little hiccup.

If you’ve found a problem and even found a solution to that problem but have you found the relation between that problem and that solution?

Well, if you say that the relationship between problem and solution is that a solution exists to overcome a problem, then you’re correct but not an Entrepreneur. The answer to this question lies in front of you.

The relationship or the bridge between a problem and a solution is a STORY.

Yes, you read it correctly, it is a story. A story sells more than anything else. A heart-melting story works like magic. You need to relate to your customers and not just get in their heads but straight into their hearts. A story that connects your product, your service, your brand, and you to people.

Have you ever wondered that what actually sells a product, a service, or anything in general? Is it the brand value, the price, or the advertisements that sell it?

Well the answer is YES! These things do sell your product or service, but what sells it more or the most is the story.

Telling a tale is an art, an art that creates magic. No company ever became a great company by stating the problem and the solution they found to it. It was always rather the story and the relativity factor of that company that people felt in their hearts and thus the bought the product.

There have been many brands, products, and companies who’ve been successful since ages in doing this art of storytelling to us.

Let me tell you about some of those brands and their amazing ideas.

Source: WittySparks.com

1. Paper Boats: Paperboat began with an idea to bring back the childhood flavors like “Aam Panna, Kokum Sharbet, Aam ras, Jal Jeera, Kala Khatta, etc” back from childhood into adult lives.

Source: Pinterest

And it actually did tell people that story of how in the Adults miss their childhood and suddenly looking at a pack of paper boat Aam Panna or Aam Ras reminds them of the times of their childhood and how they spent it cherishing these flavors and spending that time with their family when everything was as simple as making a paper boat and row it in water puddles.

Well now if they had just represented the idea of beverages had these flavors that aren’t in the market. Do you think people would buy it?

Source: Google Images

2) UBER: UBER never told the customers that they had merely solved the problem of transportation or the problem of easily available cabs or autos. There are various means of transportation available out there where you just see one means and tell them the location and are on your way.

Then why would someone do the whole chaotic task of finding a cab, then comparing its prices with other variants, then booking it and then get crazy giving an OTP and directions to reach a place?

The answer here is simple, UBER instead of solving the problem of travel, promised a BETTER EXPERIENCE of the same travel. It promised a safe, secure, and comfortable means of travel. UBER stood there alone in the market promising a pre-fixed fare, safe travel at nights, availability of means of travel at odd hours like 4 am when you need to rush to the airport or at 1 am when you need to get back to home after a drunk night at a party and many such experiences.

Source: Google Images

A majority of Indian population can not afford a car of their own to travel to certain occasions, so UBER came up with the slogan “Isse apni hi gaadi samjho (Consider this as your own car.)”

There are many brands out there like Airbnb, Fevicol, Gillette, Flipkart, and many more. These brands relate to you, me, and all of us on a personal level up to an extent that it makes us believe every word they say and buy what they want to sell.

When you tell a story, you don’t just sell a product or a service, you sell a vision, a brand to person.

The customer is the king and even the king loves stories.

Well, this is what made it work for others, but how can you make it work, how to find YOUR story?

Find yourself a story, a story for your product, your service, your company, your brand, and most importantly for YOU.

Find a story that resonates with people compelling them to buy that experience.

State the problem as the villain of the story and your solution as the hero to the problem the world is facing. Be that person who created a product for a cause and thus sell it to people.

“Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.”

-Roger Schank

Also, don’t forget that a story will bring you customers but only the quality will retain them.

-Nandni Majithiya




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