Exit 12 to Exit 48

The drive that built Wine Library

The stretch of route 78 from exit 12 to exit 48 — from my family home in Hunterdon County to Springfield, New Jersey, the location of Wine Library — was the road that established my relationship with my father, and the foundation of Wine Library’s success.

During my high-school and college years in the late nineties, I spent every single weekend, summer break, and holiday vacation driving up and down that highway every morning and every night. The time was spent talking about the business, bouncing ideas off one another, planning for the future, and generally figuring things out. I remember that 6-year stretch extremely fondly

I recommend that you find the “exit 12 to exit 48" in your partnerships.

The one thing I had with my dad that I don’t have with my brother AJ was that quality time every single day that allowed us to forecast or recap where our business was going. Now, I’m a talkative one, and my dad is a little bit more quiet, so there was a lot of me yapping, but having someone to guide my energy during the early years of my entrepreneurship was very special to me. My favorite parts were when my dad would tell me stories about the industry prior to my joining it, which gave me historical context that informed where I wanted to go with some of my ideas.

In this ADD world where meetings are being frowned upon, it’s getting harder and harder to make that connection with your leadership teams or partners. It’s not like you have to schedule the conference room every day, but when you’re lucky enough to have a great partner, I think it’s critical. For the health and success of your business, to challenge yourself and continue to innovate, find your exit 12 to exit 48.

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