Why Am I Even Writing This?

Some people think YouTube isn’t necessarily the best place to spend their time because it’s not efficient to monetize. The same thing could be said for writing blog posts, or even Medium articles like this.

This is where people are confused. I will basically do anything anywhere, if I know it’s going to bring me awareness to convert down the line. The biggest problem right now in “the game” we all play is that EVERYBODY is obsessed with grabbing attribution. That one last action that happens directly before the “sale”. We’ve been trained more and more LATELY to think that this is the only step that we can quantify as valuable. What does this article do for me? NOTHING. It’s me giving Medium love because I like it as a platform. It’s my fans growing closer to me by reading this. But most importantly it’s the 11 new people who have never heard of me that read this.

There are too many people who are preoccupied with “what will the time I spend writing this article or filming this video get for me? TODAY”

Instead I’m worried about what it’s going to do for me long-term. The reason I write here on medium is that if this piece does well it will be featured on the front page and there are a lot of people on this site who haven’t heard of me… like a whole lot… like more than I’m willing to admit. So the reason I’m writing for Medium or Linkedin, they have this built-in viral loop that allows me to reach people who have never heard of me.

I mean it’s crazy to be thinking only one chess move ahead. Nobody actually lives their lives thinking about the ROI of every single thing they do. I understand that I can’t convert on my website or to Amazon at that moment, but I’m just trying to fry bigger fish. I mean look, I get paid $70k to give a 1hr keynote. I would have never gotten that if I was worried about whether every move would sell $4 ebooks off my webpage.

Let me put it another way: Are you planning on retiring in the next 10 years? And no I don’t mean “I’m gunna sell my startup and totally kill it!!1” I mean like are you old and tired and planning on retiring?

Probably not. You’re probably planning on hustling a decade from now. Do you remember what the world looked like a decade ago? Our cellphones were barely texting, let alone smart or social! There was no Facebook, there was no YouTube. They didn’t exist.

So think long term. Really long term. I’m not worried about tomorrow, and that is why I do so many of the things I do. The bonus is that as I write things like this, I’m documenting it along the way and leaving a record for future generations of businesspeople.

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