Why I’m Taking 100 Days Off This Year

Gary Vaynerchuk
Nov 6, 2014 · 3 min read

There’s not a single day Mon-Fri where I’m not completely booked from 6AM to 11PM.

Because I talk about “hustle” all the time people don’t think I get much sleep. The truth is that I aim to get 6–7 hours of sleep a night. I think sleep is massively important for the body and so I sleep quite a bit.

Work life/balance isn’t a thesis you live with forever — It evolves as your life evolves. My kids are 5 and 2 now and I’m already strategizing 24 months out where I know there will be a lot more days where I have to run to the school at 5 PM to watch a recital or go to baseball or football practice (which I’d rather go to ;)).

Lizzie and I have a crazy scenario. I’m typically ALL-IN with work Monday through Friday, and then when it comes to weekends, I turn everything off to spend time with my wife and kids. From early on in my relationship with my wife (I think it was the 2nd date), I communicated to her that if time goes on and I still didn’t have my NY Jets, I was going to be working harder and was going to be a lot more busy ☺. I usually don’t like discussing this subject because it’s admittedly still something I struggle with, but the truth behind it all is that in order to have a true work/life balance, there needs to be communication between a person and their loved ones. As time goes on and the kids get older, Lizzie and I continue to communicate and make the needed adjustments as best we can.

A lot of people make the mistake of drawing a line in the sand and say they’ll follow that forever. Nothing is forever and if you set it up that way you’re doomed to fail. Work/Life balance is a day-in and day-out thing — It’s adjusting to the business opportunities as they come all while revolving around the north star that most of us have which is family-time. So, just as much as I believe in flexibility in entrepreneur-land, you must also be flexible and adaptive around your work/life balance.

“Hustling” isn’t necessarily about 365 days of complete insanity but more so 265 days of really hard work coupled with 100 days of actual rest and rejuvenation. Hustling is more so about being fully engaged when you’re in it rather than just doing “it” every day of the week. You need to work obnoxiously hard while also working obnoxiously smart.

I may be ALL-IN Monday-Friday but when I rest, boy, do I rest. I could care less about traveling the world — I just want to lay on a beach in peace. And so, if you happen to catch me on the beach with my eyes closed, don’t bother me. I’m resting ;)


Thanks for reading! Know someone that works too hard or maybe someone not working hard enough (does that exist?!?)? Send them this next time they’re seeking some balance ;)

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Sleeping is optional. Success isn’t.

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