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3 min readJun 12, 2024

Introducing AR Collectibles of Five New Characters

In this latest update, players can now explore and interact with AR versions of our recently launched 5 new characters:

Curupira: The Curupira, a fiery guardian of the Amazon, defends its riches with cunning and mysterious powers, thwarting those who seek to exploit its treasures.

Jinn: Manifesting as a Jinn variant, Ghoul drains the life force of enemy troops while launching assaults on both troops and buildings with his dark spell.

Dan: Dan, the enigmatic sci-fi warrior of Epiko Regal, wields twin blades fused with ancient magic, channeling the spirits of past heroes as he carves his legend through the celestial realms. With each swing, he unveils the secrets of time and space, forging a path of destiny amidst the cosmic tapestry of war and honor

Eagle Eye: Mounted atop a winged horse, Eagle Eye wields a spear to strike down enemies while simultaneously providing healing support to friendly troops.

Rhys: Upon deployment, Rhys will summon a hidden clone, unseen by enemies. While the original Rhys engages enemy troops, the clone focuses solely on attacking buildings.

Accessing the new AR collectibles is easy. Make sure you have the latest version of Epiko Regal installed on your device. Navigate to the Epiko AR section on the home screen, where you will find the new characters ready to be unlocked. Once unlocked, you can use your device to view and interact with all characters in your own environment.

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