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3 min readMar 4, 2024

Celebrating Excellence and Rewarding Champions with Tokens and NFTs!

Epiko Regal Tournament ended on 11 February, the prize pool of $EPIKO , $OMI Tokens and Epiko NFTs has been distributed to the relevant user accounts. details are as follows:

Token Distributed:

Tokens have been directly sent to the respective wallet addresses provided during tournament participation. Add $EPIKO Tokens to Your MetaMask Wallet

Your $EPIKO Tokens will be shown under Wallet “Token Balances.” To add a $EPIKO Token to your wallets such as MetaMask, you will need to use the Contract Address of the token and the decimals of precision, which can be found by on Etherscan — Here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Kresta90–30,000 $EPIKO + 300,000 $OMI
  • Almirante87654–20,000 $EPIKO + 200,000 $OMI
  • Rocketman — 12,500 $EPIKO + 125,000 $OMI
  • Asgarq — 12,500 $EPIKO + 125,000 $OMI
  • Theoman — 5,000 $EPIKO + 50,000 $OMI
  • Kidrolla — 5,000 $EPIKO + 50,000 $OMI
  • Darren13–5,000 $EPIKO + 50,000 $OMI
  • Vishal — 5,000 $EPIKO + 50,000 $OMI

NFTs Distributed:

NFTs have been sent to the wallet addresses provided during tournament participation via the OpenSea platform.

To view your NFT, visit OpenSea, connect your wallet, and navigate to your profile. Under the “More” section, click on “Hidden” to locate your NFT. Ensure to unhide your NFT and verify your ownership in the #nft-holder-verification channel, for more information visit: https://medium.com/epiko-regal/discord-nft-ownership-verification-4ffbb67bdb25

Round 2 — Common Rarity NFTs:

  • DutchCQ
  • Hamidrezaa8039
  • Scargourav
  • Daemon665
  • Alcalu#8968
  • JordanRiz
  • HodlWizard
  • Joyboy94
  • Lance#5659

Round 3 and Round 4— Rare Rarity NFTs:

  • So_ody
  • Jtemp02
  • SweHunk
  • Pukalojtric
  • Nikhilbaikar
  • Chicovanbonker
  • Golden Boy
  • Yellasnow
  • Stormfister
  • Imran_lii
  • Ganeshs940
  • .blinkyblink
  • Almirante87654
  • Xoidiy
  • Sagittarius_33
  • Mehersamhitha
  • Waltynova
  • Mark_d
  • Shrumpalump
  • Karthikpuvvula
  • Claritzhalatina
  • Saleemuddin

Round 5 — Epic Rarity NFTs:

  • Turuepiko
  • Vyankesh
  • Joshuapatin
  • Reillypi
  • Oldburntturnslick
  • Crazycryptoman
  • Nfthodler

Round 6 — Ultra Epic Rarity NFTs:

  • Vishal#0122
  • Darren13
  • Kidrolla
  • .theoman

Round 7 — Hero Rarity NFTs:

  • Asgarq
  • Rocketman🌟Epiko#9144

Round 8 — God Rarity NFTs:

  • Almirante87654
  • Kresta90

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Epiko stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the GameFi landscape by seamlessly integrating Mobile, PC, and VR games with cutting-edge blockchain technology, play-to-earn dynamics, NFTs, and decentralized governance. With its commitment to Web3 interoperability, Epiko enables players to effortlessly connect with various decentralized applications and platforms, forging an immersive and interconnected gaming universe. Epiko is not just a game-changer; it’s a paradigm shift in the gaming industry, empowering players and transforming the traditional dynamic between gamers and developers.

Central to the Epiko ecosystem is the $EPIKO Token, serving as the fundamental pillar that adds value and essential utilities for all stakeholders. Functioning as the primary in-game currency, it facilitates seamless transactions, allowing players to acquire items, upgrades, and NFTs, thereby enhancing their overall gaming experience. The play-to-earn mechanics serve as a powerful incentive, encouraging active participation from players who can earn $EPIKO Tokens as rewards for their in-game achievements. Beyond the gaming realm, the token bestows holders with influential voting power in decentralized governance, ensuring that community-driven decisions shape the platform’s trajectory. This approach fosters a highly engaged and empowered community, propelling the organic growth of the Epiko platform.

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