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Epiko Regal Update: The Return of the Mystery Stone

The Update can be found in your relevant app store — please make sure to update to enjoy the best possible experience!

We’ve released an Epiko Regal update that includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to ensure that the app runs smoothly for all of our users.

With this update, we have also brought back the Mystery Stone feature! For those who are unfamiliar, Mystery Stones allow users to unlock in-app assets such as Gems, AR Characters, and Chapters of the popular Kathika Comics. Previously due to Apple guidelines, we had to temporarily remove this feature, but we promised to bring it back and we have kept our word.

So, how can you get your hands on a Mystery Stone and unlock these exciting rewards? The process is simple:

  1. Purchase an Epiko NFT from or OpenSea marketplace. You can also participate in our play-to-earn events such as airdrops, giveaways, championships, and tournaments to win NFTs and Redeem codes. Be sure to Join our Discord server to stay up to date on all upcoming events.
  2. Once you have an NFT or won an event, tag a member of the Epiko team (Aniket or Gagandeep) on the Discord server to claim your Redeem code. Our team members will verify your information and share the code with you.
  3. Now open the Epiko Regal app, navigate to the Shop section, scroll down to the Mystery Stones section and tap on it. Here, you will be prompted to enter the NFT Redeem code that was provided to you by the Epiko team and unlock it for 1000 Gold to get various in-app assets.

Remember that redeem codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter the code strictly as it was provided.

Happy gaming!

-Epiko Team

Questions? Reach out to us!

As always, we value your feedback and welcome any suggestions. Thank you for being a part of the Epiko Fam. If you have any questions regarding Epiko, please feel free to contact us. Join Epiko — Discord Server To stay up to date with all of Epiko’s exciting developments, Get in touch with other members and be part of community conversations.

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