EPIKO X BONK DAO: Uniting Forces for Web3 Gaming Revolution

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6 min readApr 27, 2024

Bringing BONK’s Community Coin Spirit to Epiko’s Immersive Gaming Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with BONK DAO, the community coin sensation of web3! With over 619K holders, 119 integrations, and spanning across 10 chains, BONK has rapidly emerged as the quintessential people’s coin of the decentralized era. At Epiko, we share BONK’s vision of community-driven innovation, and we’re excited to join forces to revolutionize the gaming landscape of web3.

BONK made its debut on the Solana blockchain as a memecoin airdropped to the Solana community on Christmas day 2022. Inspired by the iconic Dogecoin, BONK’s mascot, a Shiba Inu dog, captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Since then, BONK’s adoption has soared, propelled by its robust community ethos and widespread integration across multiple chains. With a mission to become the #1 community coin in web3, BONK is expanding its reach through a growing list of integrations in multi-chain, DeFi, and gaming sectors.

The launch of BONK on Christmas Day 2022 marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Distributed through a fair airdrop, 50% of BONK’s total 100 trillion supply was allocated to Solana users, including artists, developers, and active community members, as a gesture of goodwill and support for the network’s growth. This unique distribution model, executed randomly and anonymously, epitomized BONK’s commitment to community empowerment and inclusivity.

BONK’s integration with the robust Solana blockchain infrastructure has been instrumental in its rapid growth and acceptance. Leveraging Solana’s scalability and efficiency, BONK has achieved widespread accessibility and integration across various platforms and applications. The project’s white paper outlines its vision to become “Solana’s community money,” challenging the dominance of traditional VC tokens and empowering the broader Solana community.

The BONK ecosystem comprises a diverse array of components, each contributing to its functionality and utility:

  1. BonkSwap, OpenBonk, Jupiter, and Wormhole: Platforms facilitating the seamless trading of BONK tokens and other cryptocurrencies within the BONK ecosystem.
  2. Gaming Integration: Introduction of innovative games like; Silicon Valley BONK (SVB), Mixmob, Moon Boi Universe, EV.io, Bonk or Bust, Aurory, Moonwalk and Photo Finish, provide users with engaging and rewarding gaming experiences on the Solana blockchain.
  3. Buybonk.com: A platform in partnership with Mayan Finance, facilitating seamless swapping of Ethereum for BONK tokens, From a simple landing page, enhancing accessibility for users across different blockchain networks.
  4. Bonkbot: A unique Telegram trading bot designed for the Solana blockchain, simplifying the trading experience for users through Telegram integration.

In a multifaceted ecosystem, there are various unique features and utilities that distinguish it from its peers:

  • Community-Oriented Governance: At the heart of BONK lies a commitment to community-driven decision-making. Unlike traditional coins, where control typically rests with a centralized team, BONK has allocated 15% of its total supply to the BONK DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. Here, any BONK token holder can actively participate in shaping the coin’s future by voting on proposals or contributing their ideas.
  • Utility in the NFT Ecosystem: BONK extends its utility beyond mere meme status by serving as a payment option for NFTs across platforms like Exchange.art, OpenBook and Orca.
  • Benefitting the Solana Ecosystem: BONK’s popularity extends beyond its own ecosystem, benefiting the wider Solana community. Notably, BONK has driven sales of Solana’s Saga crypto-phone, offering unique arbitrage opportunities. Saga phone owners have been able to claim substantial airdrops of 30 million BONK tokens via the BONK DApp, exceeding the phone’s retail price.
  • Introduction of BONKrewards: BONK introduces BONKrewards, a rewards program allowing users to lock BONK tokens to earn additional rewards, fostering long-term engagement and incentivizing token holding.
  • Innovative Asset Management: With the introduction of ‘PooperScooper,’ BONK streamlines user interactions and asset management within its ecosystem. This innovative functionality enables users to efficiently identify and organize tokens that no longer align with their investment strategies, facilitating seamless conversion into BONK.

BONK represents a paradigm shift in the realm of meme coins, offering a vibrant ecosystem driven by community governance, innovative utilities, and strategic integrations. As BONK continues to evolve, its impact on the Solana ecosystem and the broader crypto landscape is poised to grow exponentially, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in web3.

In line with this mission, our partnership with BONK holds immense promise for both communities. Together, we aim to revolutionize the gaming landscape of web3, offering innovative solutions and unparalleled experiences for users across the globe. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting collaboration:

1. Introducing the BONK Character in the Epiko Ecosystem:

The iconic BONK Character will first make its debut in Epiko Regal, our mobile tower defense game available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Solana mobile native dApp store. Additionally, BONK Avatar will also be launched in other Epiko products, including Epiko World.

2. Exclusive BONK Character NFT on Epiko Marketplace:

BONK enthusiasts will have the opportunity to own an exclusive BONK Character NFT, available for purchase on the Epiko Marketplace using BONK tokens. This NFT will serve as a coveted collectible, celebrating the collaboration between Epiko and BONK.

3. Epiko Tournament with $BONK Token Prize Pool:

An adrenaline-pumping gaming action in the Epiko Tournament, where participants can compete for a prize pool of BONK tokens. This thrilling event will showcase the synergy between the Epiko gaming experience and the vibrant BONK community.

4. Exclusive $EPIKO Airdrop for BONK Stakers:

As part of our collaboration, BONK stakers will receive an exclusive airdrop of $EPIKO tokens. Leveraging our partnership with Solana, $EPIKO tokens are Bridged on the Solana blockchain, offering BONK stakers an opportunity to diversify their crypto portfolio with a promising new asset.


The partnership between Epiko and BONK represents a convergence of two dynamic communities united by a shared vision of decentralized innovation. By combining Epiko’s immersive gaming experience with BONK’s community-centric spirit, we’re paving the way for a new era of collaborative gaming in web3. Together, we’re not just players — we’re pioneers, shaping the future of gaming one block at a time. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the boundaries of gaming and community engagement in the decentralized world.

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BONK, the very first Dog-themed memecoin on Solana that’s “for the people, by the people.” BONK has over 131 integrations across various categories and is listed on over 25 different decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs), with over 619000 holders, 119 integrations, and adoption across 10 chains, BONK aims to become the #1 community coin in web3.

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